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Need to cut the hair
I got my first job recently and my mom always too care of my hair. I wouldn't know how to braid or do something about my own hair. I can do wonders with others hair though. Anyway, I have waist length hair and now as I moved out of my home and my mom's not here for me anymore(all the time), it's hard for me to take care of it. I never used any sort of special conditioning or anything but just taking care of it seems like a chore to me.

I am thinking of just chopping it off for good but my grandma asked me not to do that. As she believes that it wouldn't grow long again. I am tired of all this. Have you guys experienced the need to just pull out your hair?

Let me also ask one more thing(only women answers are expected), just how long is your hair? How do you take care of it?
I have medium length hair, around 2-3 inches below my shoulder. I usually have treatment once a month and shampoo and conditions too
Ypu are soo funny!)

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