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Federations Supercup
It is one of many friendly competitions this summer as preparation for the WC. Federations Supercup will be held in Siemens Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania From July 31st to August 2nd. Participating teams are Lithuania, Senegal, Israel and Russia. Compeition starts tomorrow with games Russia vs Senegal and Lithuania vs Israel.
well i no you'll be wanting Lithuania to win and in my opinion they will there much better than any of the other teams. By the way is this the first time this competition has been run because i've never heard anything about this before.
It is being held for the second time. Last year they deiced to make this competition with Lithuania and Russia participating with possibilty ox expansion and this year we have 4 teams in it.
oh i see that might be why i havent heard of it if it was made last year.
Yesterday Federations Supercup started.

In the first game Russia easily defeated Senegal 66:44.

In other game Lithuania met Israel. First 3 quarters weren't very attractive and the result was very close. But at the end of 3rd quarter Lithuania started to find their game and 4th quarter was much better. Final result 87:67.

Lithuania scorers: K.Lavrinovi? 18 , D.Songaila 16, A.Macijauskas 12, Paulius Jankūnas 10 , D.Lavrinovič 9, Linas Kleiza 8, Mantas Kalnietis 5, Tomas Delininkaitis 4, Mindaugas Žukauskas 3, Robertas Javtokas 2, Giedrius Gustas 0.

Our coach Antanas Sireika said that Mantas Kalnietis will certainly go to Japan. He is only 19 but very self confident. Even though he is PG but can dunk amazingly Thup I am glad that Sireika chose him as we needed another PG very much.

Today's games Russia vs Israel and Lithuania vs Senegal.
well sounds good for you vilius, looks as if everythings coming together for the lithuania team.
Israel made a little sensation yesterday by beating Russia.

Israel 83:81 Russia

Second game which featured Lithuania vs Senegal was one-sided game. Lithuania took control from the start of the game and the gap was getting larger and larger. The team seems to be working better and better in each game.

Lithuania 96:51 Senegal.

Today Federations Supercup will end with games Lithuania vs Russia and Israel vs Senegal.
Israel defeated Senegal 80:68 to take second place in Federations Supercup while Lithuania won against Russia 77:61 and won the cup. It was a tight game for most of the time but it was interesting to see the team playing against stronger team that Israel and Senegal.

Next friendly for Lithuania is in Spain against Argentina. I can't wait for it but unfortunately it might happen that it won't be broadcasted here. It will be four team competition (Spain, Argentina, Lithuania and Poland).
Russia are a surprising side. When they think unbeatable they crack, when they look bad they perform very well

Losing to Israel isn't a good start. The defeat with Lithuania might not be too meaningfull if it happened in the last minutes (Basketball often shows a gap that fails to reflect how close the game was)

So how do you rate them for the World Champs? 1a or Thudown
The game still needs to be improved and we don't have many of our shooters so coach relies more on front line players which is not traditional Lithuanian basketball. Players need more understanding of each other but the game is slowly improving. After competition in Spain where we'll meet strong teams we can make better conclusions. But unfortunately I am not very optimistic Unsure
Am glad Lithuania are doing good, they're the national team i support, after England of course (but we seriously suck Biggrin) Go Lithuania.

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