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Friendly competition in Spain
I mention this competition in Federations Supercup thread. This friendly competition is held in Spain with Argentina, Spain, Lithuania and Poland participating. It starts with two semi-finals Argentina vs Lithuania and Spain vs Poland. Winners will play winners and losers will play losers <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' /> Unfortunately there is no TV covergae at least today but there is a site which gives netcasting. So you can follow all the results and live stats at [url=""][/url] At the time I am posting is the first quarter of LTU vs ARG game. It is very interesting to see us playing against really strong team.
We were leading for most of the time against Argentina. With 30 seconds left the score was 87:86 but Ginobili scored two points and Lithuania couldn't find the answer so the game ended 87:88 for Argentina. The game clearly showed that we can win against them even without some of our leaders.

Lithuania 87:88 Argentina

LTU: A.Macijauskas - 19, K.Lavrinovičius - 14, L.Kleiza - 13.

ARG: A.Nocioni - 24, C.Delfino - 21.

As expected Spain didn't have any trouble against Poland.

Spain 89:57 Poland

ESP: P.Gasol - 15, J.C.Navarro - 13, C.Jimenez - 12, J.Garbajosa - 11.

POL: R.Hyzy - 13, S.Szewczyk - 12, A.Pluta - 11.

Spain will play Argentina for the first place and Lithuania will play vs Poland.
That's a game we've lost by the smallest of margins and I think that's down more to bad luck rather than bad play so maybe in the championships we won't be as unlucky.
This tournament ended yesterday. As expected Lithuania didn't have any trouble against Poland.

Lithuania 99:71 Poland

Lithuania: Kleiza 20, K.Lavrinovic 14, D. Lavrinovic 11, Jankunas 10, Songalia 9, Lukauskis 6, Gustas 6, Javtokas 6, Jasaitis 5, Delininkaitis 5, Macijauskas 4, Zukauskas 3.

Poland: Pluta 20, Nordgaard 15, Roszyk 13, Hyzy 8, Dylewicz 4, Szewczyk 4, Grudzinski 3, Chylinski 3, Skibniewski 1, Koszarek 0 and Sarzalo 0

While Spain in front of home crowd managed to defeat Argentina.

Spain 79:67 Argentina

Spain: Calderon 8, Navarro 17, Jimenez 9, Garbajosa 14, Gasol 2, Reyes 0, Cabezas 2, Mumbr? 14, Rudy Fern?ndez 11, Sergio Rodriguez 2, Berni Rodriguez 0, Hernandez-Sonseca 0.

Argentina: Sanchez 5, Ginobili 1, Nocioni 15, Scola 5, Oberto 16, Prigioni 6, Wolkowyski 5, Delfino 7, Fernandez 4, Herrmann 3, Farabello 0.
Spain were far better than Argentina and only the last minutes' relaxation made Argentina escape with a honourable defeat. Not so important anyway, as these games don't win medals yet. But it's good to see our team looks powerful

Pau Gasol only scored 2 points as he had a minor back injhury and prefered not to play any longer. His brother Marc has made the team in place of Hernandez Sonseca. The rest of the team is the same that played against Argentina

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