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Hi, my names Chris. I am a 16 year old student in England (I know I'm young but I will write ijn proper sentences and with some form of logic behind it) currently taking A-levels in Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Spanish.

I play basketball at National League level for Plymouth Marjon Cannons however previously for the Plymouth Raiders both at Under 18s. I have also coached a little and hope to do this when older if still ionvolved in basketball. I certainly want to give back something to basketball after all it has given me.

I should be posting regularly so see you around Wink
Hi there Chris, first of all thanks for joining the forum. I hope you do well with your A-levels.

You must be a talented player I guess. Have you dreamed about a professional player career or maybe you still have this idea in your mind?

And the last sentence of your post is what I like to see Cool
Unfortunately i think I piked up basketball a little too late and really my heart lies in academics. So no professional career for me as the majority of my effort will be on studies. However coaching seems like something I could truley enjoy doing and desperately want to start taking courses and coach whatever team i can.

I think it's time to start researching Euroleague feverishly Biggrin

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