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Kidd making his mark with the Mavs
Since joining the Mavs, Kidd is improving the team's general game and most importantly players' performances. Check this (more comparisons with other Mavs' players are also in the article):

Quote:Dirk has exploded since the All-Star break, pushing his value in eight-category leagues up from 13th on the season to seventh in four games with Kidd. Dirk’s shots are actually down from 16.7 per game on the season to 16 with Kidd, but his three-point accuracy has skyrocketed from 29 percent on the season to 67 percent with Kidd. Here’s a side-by-side look at the change in Dirk’s production…

Season stats: 23.2 points / 8.7 rebounds / 3.9 assists / 48% FG pct / 0.8 threes per game

4 games with Kidd: 29.0 points / 8.0 rebounds / 2.8 assists / 61% FG pct / 1.5 threes per game

If this Dirk-Kidd thing keeps gaining momentum and the Mavericks finish with the best record in the Western Conference, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Dirk matches Nash with back-to-back MVP awards.

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seems to be working out well for both the nets and the mavs. Devan Harris is playing very well in New Jersey

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