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So the topic is Basketball shirts. I'm looking to get one, but I'm not sure on sizes. I know they're normally meant to be a bit big for you, but do they already take that into consideration with sizes. SO I'm a medium with football (soccer) shirts and other general t-shirts, so will I have to get a large Cavs shirt, or a medium one?

Thanks, I'm trying to order it today. Tongue
If you are intrested in NBA, i think Medium because large will be too big in arms for you, because they have same sizes as normal i think. Basketball shirts are even larger than football ones.That's what i think
Wait, are you getting a T-shirt or an actual jersey?

Actual jersey I'd go a size bigger, T-shirt should stay the same.
Okay I'm 6"2, have a 32ish waist and I think I'm 34-36 chest can't remember. From my chest and waist the size chart says small, but due to my height I'm not sure whether to go for a small, medium or large. Medium is sold out most places, but I'll have to wait until stock is back in. Anyway, thanks guys. My mum is ordering Monday so I need to know before then kinda.
Well, I'm American, so I always wear baggy clothes. But you probably don't so just follow the size chart.
What height are you? And chest/waist? Then I can probably work it out.
Well uh, I'm 13 so I'm pretty sure I won't help much.
I'll just get medium then.

I fot the small requirements in terms of waist etc, but I'm 6"2 so I'll need a bit bigger I reckon.
yes us americans w elike baggy close becaus eit comfortable so thats why we always were bigger clothes then whats our real sizes its a typical amercian thing i love being an american thow
but the size wouild be medium i would have to say for u buddy if not try the shirt out first then if it dont fit get a bigger size unless ur ordering it online

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