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Hey! Anyone fancy helping me out?
Hey! Smile

My name is Caitlin I am currently studying Product Design in the UK. As a requirement of the course, I am to design a digital camera that suits a purpose that cannot be found in an existing product. My plan is to design a camera that is shock proof that can take footage at a high quality and a fast speed to suit a chosen subject. My chosen subject is shooting footage for Basketball. I would appreciate if you could fill in the given questionnaire to help me with my research to make my product and design effective for the desired purpose.


Here are the questions;

What brand camera do you currently own? Does it meet your required needs for the situations you use it for?

What situation would you like to take footage of?

Do you use your mobile phone for taking pictures? If so how much and for what reasons

When looking at, or buying a digital camera, what aspects and functions of a camera attract you the most?

How do you find it easiest to work with a digital camera? i.e. in your hands, or other situations like attached to your wrist

What perspective would you rather your footage be taken from?

How much would you be willing to pay for a digital camera?

What you like a camera that has a specific theme? i.e. relates to a team or a brand of sporting such as Nike

Please reply! It would really help Smile
Hope it's not too late Smile

1. Sony Cybershot. It is OK generally, but not the best for basketball games where I must zoom in and focus the image. And when in a packed arena I can't really keep my hands steady, so a tripod is a must for nice photos.

2. I like easy shots, with the target not moving and not too far. And normal lighting, so I don't have to use the flash and the different settings.

3. I use it sometimes when I don't have my camera with me. Usually when I see something funny or strange on a street, in a bar etc...

4. Brand, price, zoom, design, colour

5. I usually have it in my pocket, without a case, and just pull it out whenever I need it.

6. From the front, facing the target.

7. Not more than 200 euros IMO. Unless you are a professional photographer.

8. No. I like them simple.
Respect and thanks for everything:

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im agreeing with the admin aboce sony cyber shot i hope this helps you out

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