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Internet memes - Black Urum - 06-13-2010

Post your favourite internet memes.

This one has been wild in the past few days.

[Image: sadkeanu.jpg]

[Image: bluecollarkeanu.jpg]

[Image: keanucats.jpg]

[Image: keanumilitary.jpg]

[Image: 5xax.jpg]

[Image: pef.png]

[Image: yxh.png]

Internet memes - suricata - 06-14-2010

that's a good one. but my fav is pedobear defo.

[Image: pedobear_pipe.jpg]

Internet memes - Black Urum - 09-08-2010

Some days ago an attempted rape took place in some projects in the USA... this is the original video of the news

Then some genius made this:

OMG hilarious! Rofl3 Crazy

Internet memes - ZEUS - 09-09-2010

^ That one's a bit old, like at least 1.5-2 months ago.

I've seen internet memes before but I never actually looked carefully to see where they were kept online. That Keanu Reves one is a good laff Smile

Internet memes - Black Urum - 09-17-2010

Original video (it's real, believe it or not) Blink

And then we got the remixes...




Internet memes - skangles - 04-01-2012

The latest episode of South Park is brilliant and all about internet meme including Taylor Swifting...[Image: Picture-14.jpg]

Internet memes - ZEUS - 04-05-2012

Just go to and you'll be going through non-stop churned new memes on an almost hourly basis Thup

RE: Internet memes - TalkBasket - 11-16-2016

[Image: I-am-not-saying.jpg]