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Australia NT - Black Urum - 06-16-2010

Via [url=""]FIBA[/url]

Quote:Australia 15 named for Perth camp ahead of Argentina series

Four Olympians from the Beijing Games are among the 15 players selected to take part in Australia’s training camp in Perth ahead of the Boomers World Challenge series against Argentina.

They are Mark Worthington, Patrick Mills, Brad Newley and Joe Ingles.

Worthington must first play in a deciding fifth game in the German play-off finals for Brose Baskets Bamberg on Thursday before returning home for the camp, which runs from June 20-24.

Australia coach Brett Brown will then trim the group to 12 for the three-game series against Argentina, which tips off on June 25 at the Challenge Stadium in Perth.

The other games will be in Melbourne on June 27 and Adelaide on June 29.

Brown is getting the Boomers ready for the FIBA World Championship (August 28 to September 12) in Turkey where they will compete in Group A against the Argentina, Serbia, Germany, Angola and Jordan.

Matthew Dellavedova, Adam Gibson, Aron Baynes and Damian Martin – members of last year’s Boomers squad during the FIBA Oceania Championship - are in the 15-man group.

Full squad:

Patrick Mills

Adam Gibson

Damian Martin

Jason Cadee

Steven Markovic

Joe Ingles

Matthew Dellavedova

Hugh Greenwood

Brad Newley

Stephen Weigh

Mark Worthington

Ater Majok

Alex Loughton

Aron Baynes

Luke Nevill

Australia NT - Black Urum - 06-18-2010

Via [url=""]FIBA[/url]

Quote:Jamai pumped up to face Argentina

One of the big men in the Australia set-up, 6ft 10in Nathan Jawai, will join the national team at its training camp in Perth this weekend ahead of the Boomers World Challenge against Argentina.

Jawai, one of the Boomers’ leading players last summer in the FIBA Oceania Championship, appeared in 39 games with the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves this season.

He was assigned to the D-League at the end of March.

Having remained in the United States after the campaign in a bid to improve his NBA prospects ahead of next season, Jawai is now turning his attention to the national team, which faces Argentina in the Boomers World Challenge in Perth on June 25, Melbourne on June 27 and Adelaide on June 29.

“I’m really excited to rejoin the Boomers,” Jawai said.

“When we played in Australia against New Zealand last year, we didn’t go too well so I’m excited to come back and be with the team again and hopefully start on the path towards the World Champs.

“Argentina are the number one team in the world so I’m excited to play them, they’re a great team.”

Jawai travelled to South America with the Boomers last year and helped them beat Argentina in a friendly that went to double overtime.

That game was played in Brazil.

Australia will meet Argentina at the FIBA World Championship in Kayseri on August 29, although the make-up of those teams will be different to the ones that will meet in the Boomers World Challenge since veteran players are joining at a later date.

There are a host of players from each team in this month’s Argentina series that are near certainties to feature in Turkey, however, like Australia’s Beijing Olympians Pat Mills, Joe Ingles, Mark Worthington and Brad Newley.

Jawai could also be in Turkey if he impresses in the build-up to the tournament.

He is excited about this month’s games.

“I’m going to feel more comfortable playing them in a home environment with our fans behind us,” Jawai said.

“We can repeat our win from 2009 if we play our best. There are a couple of guys available now that weren’t available last time we played Argentina such as Patty (Mills) so it should be a great three-game series coming up.”

Australia NT - Black Urum - 08-22-2011

[url=""]Test Event, Day 5: Australia win the hoops Ashes[/url]

Australia NT - skangles - 09-02-2011

This seems like as good of a thread as any for this rumor.

Bogut is linked with several NBL teams about playing in Australia while the NBA lockout is ongoing. If this does come to fruition he would have an out clause should the lockout be resolved.