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Warriors 2023-24 season - TalkBasket - Nov 22, 2023

Quote:Chris Paul draws quarterback inspiration playing alongside Warriors' sharpshooters

In a standout performance for the Golden State Warriors, Chris Paul, the seasoned newcomer, showcased his skills with 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 12 assists during a victorious matchup against the Rockets.

The 38-year-old point guard expressed the joy of playing alongside elite shooters like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, likening the experience to NFL quarterbacks Manning and Brady connecting with their top receivers.

"For me, if you think about Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, them type quarterbacks who got these elite receivers, for me it's so fun bringing the ball up the court knowing you got Klay, you got Steph," Paul said, via ClutchPoints.

Paul's stellar contribution in the game highlighted his adaptability, especially considering his adjusted role, coming off the bench for the first time in his illustrious career.

Despite the shift, Paul is making significant contributions, averaging 9.8 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 7.7 assists in 28.8 minutes per game this season.

The NBA veteran drew a parallel between his role on the court and the iconic quarterbacks in football, emphasizing the thrill of bringing the ball up the court with the knowledge that sharpshooters like Thompson and Curry await.


RE: Warriors 2023-24 season - TalkBasket - Nov 23, 2023

Quote:Chris Paul on issues with Scott Foster: “It’s personal… It’s just a situation with my son”

Golden State Warriors guard Chris Paul made an early exit in the game against the Phoenix Suns, receiving two technical fouls and getting ejected after a heated exchange with referee Scott Foster with 23 seconds on the clock in the second quarter.

During the postgame press conference, Paul was asked about the incident and cryptically stated, “It’s personal.”

He alluded to a past situation with Foster, revealing, “We had a situation some years ago, and it’s personal. The league knows, everybody knows. It’s just a situation with my son.

“I’m okay with a ref talking, saying whatever, just don’t use a tech to get your point across. I got to do a better job making sure I stay on the floor for my teammates. But that’s that.”

Pressed about the specific situation involving his son, Paul responded, “They know what it is. He knows what it is too… I had a meeting with him, my dad, Doc Rivers, Bob Delaney and all us. [Scott Foster] too. [When I was] with the Clippers.”

He further explained, “It was a whole thing. But it’s still been a thing for a while. I ain’t saying nothing to get fined, huh? It is what it is at this point.”


Quote:Referee Scott Foster explains Chris Paul’s ejection

Golden State Warriors’ Chris Paul faced an unexpected exit against the Phoenix Suns, ejected by referee Scott Foster after two technical fouls in a dispute.

In a Pool Report interview conducted by Kellan Olson, Foster explained the sequence leading to Paul’s ejection.

Foster revealed, “The foul called against him at 23.5” triggered the initial discussion, and the first technical foul was for “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

As Paul continued to complain, he received a second unsportsmanlike technical foul, leading to his ejection.

The postgame press conference unveiled a twist, with Paul indicating that his issues with Foster date back to a past incident involving his son.