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Dillon Brooks: Grizzlies have no swagger - TalkBasket - Nov 22, 2023

Quote:Dillon Brooks suggests Grizzlies lack swagger since his departure

This offseason marked a parting of ways between the Memphis Grizzlies and Dillon Brooks, as the 27-year-old small forward moved to the Houston Rockets through a sign-and-trade deal after the Grizzlies opted not to renew his contract.

As the Rockets prepare to face his former team, Brooks remarked that the Grizzlies seemed to have lost their swagger in his absence.
Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle quoted Brooks, who observed, “You can see now they have no swagger. We have swagger. We have an identity we’re building. Each and every game, we show it more and more. That’s what I want for my guys. That’s what I want for each and every guy on the floor: to play their best basketball.”

Comparing the situation to a past relationship, Brooks humorously remarked, “It’s like the girlfriend that you used to have. You don’t know how good she is until she’s gone.”

Despite the departure, Brooks wonders if the Grizzlies miss the positive dynamics they shared before the separation.

In his debut season with the Rockets, Brooks is making an impact, averaging 13.9 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 1.9 assists in 31.8 minutes per game.

Meanwhile, the Rockets hold a 6-6 record, showcasing the swagger Brooks believes they've developed, while the struggling Grizzlies sit with just three wins in 13 games.