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Robin Benzing - Kenneth23 - 11-29-2010

Hi Guys,

Can someone tell me more about this German Prospect please? There were rumors that Maccabi wanted to sign him and send him on loan to another team. Is there someone who knows more about this? Can someone please answer this

Robin Benzing - suricata - 11-29-2010

There were rumors that he received an offer from maccabi last summer, but nothing happened. He still plays in germany for ulm, averaging 12.5 points and 3.8 rebounds. The best you probably know: he is a high-rated european talent, 21 years old and at 209cm plays better at SF, while he also features a nice touch for 3pointers. He withdrew from the draft last june and is expected to participate in the 2011 draft, though mock drafts give him at #60. Anything else?