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Israeli NT 2011 - MaccabiTA - 01-18-2011

We deserve a topic too, don't we? <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Biggrin' />

Anyway, what do you guys think, any chance of this team making something significant in the Eurobasket?

the team looked quite good in some games in the qualifying round but also had some bad games. the main problem was obvious, no real C except for old and always injured Yaniv Green, which is also 2.06m only..

But, the team looked quite impressive compared to what some people expected

Casspi came as a whole different player, proved he is ready to lead this team and was the best player in most of the games with one very impressive game of 30 points against Montenegro. This season Casspi doesn't look as good as last one in his team Sacramento but I believe that those who follow the team a bit (or even just watch the scores) can understand that he's not the only one.

Casspi's averages this season:8.8 ppg, 4 rpg, 40% 3FG, in 22 mpg.

Eliyahu, another VERY important player for the national team, in the qualis he was also pretty good, definatly one of the best players of the NT, this season he came back to Maccabi from an injury-full season in Caja Laboral.

Eliyahu's averages this season:EUROLEAGUE-10ppg, 3.9rpg, 57%2FG, in 20mpg

ISRAELI LEAGUE-12.2ppg, 4.2rpg, 68%2FG in 21mpg

other important players for the team are:Tal Burstein-came back to Maccabi this season, not playing too much but when playing he's doing quite a good job. Yotam Halperin-not really playing in Oly as far as I know (just a few minutes here and there) even though he was great in the EB11 qualis. David Blu-nobody's sure if he's gonna play, but he sure is a great weapon for the team, he's doing quite a good job guarding big men (which is something very helpful for our short NT). Guy Pnini-a great and suprisingly very stable 3pt shooter, a big fighter and quite a good defender.

Israeli NT 2011 - Black Urum - 01-18-2011

Israeli NT always look poor on papers but in the games they show a great fighting spirit...

So considering that Israel actually made it to Top16 through qualification round and 8 teams, who were then added to the tournament, didn't automatically puts Israel as a mid-level team...

I think Casspi being in NBA will turn him into a team leader. Eliyahu is also good, Halperin is not bad either...

Israeli NT 2011 - Kenneth23 - 01-18-2011

It will be very interested to see how Israel will play. They have a nice them with a couple of very good players. I think that they'll give everything during every game and every team will have to "fight" for the win. They will not let the win go very easly

Israeli NT 2011 - straight forward - 01-21-2011

Israeli NT simply lacking broader picture. They have few names, but to be good in Eurobasket requires far more. Just look at Croatia and Slovenia. These are filled with quality, but still struggling to win something year by year. Israeli NT needs more material and I'm not sure that will come soon. On other hand, Casspi's presence in NBA and appearance in Eurobasket 2011 could be a good move for developing BB popularity in your country.

Israeli NT 2011 - MaccabiTA - 02-19-2011

Lior Eliyahu's doing great so far in the top 16:

15ppg, 3.5rpg, 1.8apg in 22mpg and if that's not enough he's 73.6% for 2 points.

Looking pretty good and promising as his NT partner, Omri Casspi is also improving his performance in the Kings. He is up to 9.4ppg and 4.8rpg.

Another player is David Blu who also improved his performance in the top 16, he has 7.5ppg and 4.5rpg so far with 46% from the 3

Israeli NT 2011 - MaccabiTA - 07-09-2011

Israeli squad:

Yuval Naimy (Jerusalem)

Yogev Ohayon (Jerusalm)

Gal Mekel (Benetton Treviso)

Tal Burstein (MTA)

Yotam Halperin (?MTA?)

Afik Nissim (Nymburk)

Moran Roth (Hulon)

Raviv Limonad (Menorca)

Omri Casspi (Cleaveland Cavaliers)

Guy Pnini (MTA)

Lior Eliyahu (MTA)

Uri Kukia(Jerusalem)

Elishay Kadir (Jerusalem)

Nir Cohen (Hulon)

David Blu (MTA)

Robert Rothbart (Haifa)

Yaniv Green (MTA last season, now FA)

Israeli NT 2011 - Efes4ever - 07-10-2011

Israel cannot win with only Eliyahu and Casspi. need team chemistry.

Israeli NT 2011 - MaccabiTA - 07-10-2011

Team chemistry isn't really the problem, the center position is the big problem for us, as usual.

Israeli NT 2011 - Black Urum - 07-29-2011

Raviv Limonad quit Israel NT for some reason... [Image: crazy.gif]

Israeli NT 2011 - MaccabiTA - 07-30-2011

According to him it's because the final 12 is already decided and he's out, the coach told him it's wrong a few times but he decided to leave..

He's simply a coward.. His ego was hurt because he's not sure in this time and he's afraid of competition. It's better not to have guys like these in the squad <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Biggrin' /> after all our biggest weapon is fighting spirit, he's not exactly a good exapmle of a fighter.

Israeli NT 2011 - MaccabiTA - 08-09-2011

Roth was released from the NT after the team came back to Israel from the tournament in Cyprus.

Now 15 players left, according to sport 5 Either Naimi or Nissim will be the last guard to be released. I can guess that the 2 other players to be released after that will be Cohen and Rothbart (one got a few minutes the other didn't get a second on court)

I hope Naimi will be the one released (if the decision is from that two, I'd really prefer Mekel to be kicked out)

Israeli NT 2011 - MaccabiTA - 08-10-2011

Casspi is injured, will be out for 2 weeks.. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' /> at least he won't miss the eurobasket but he's gonna miss important practices, he will miss probably all preparation games and will barely practice with the team.. Ouch

Edit:I just read in sport5 where it says he MIGHT EVEN MISS THE EUROBASKET

Israeli NT 2011 - TeoTheGreek13 - 03-20-2012

Jordan Farmar, from now on, will play for Israel!

Israeli NT 2011 - MaccabiTA - 03-24-2012

[quote name='TeoTheGreek13' timestamp='1332246365' post='37720']

Jordan Farmar, from now on, will play for Israel!


not exactly.. if I got it right he said he is willing to play in the 2013 Eurobasket (if Israel will get there) but the qualification campaign isn't an option since he's supposed to get married this summer and he wants to play in the summer league (because he becomes a free-agent this summer)