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Are you superstitious? - Scout200 - 04-19-2011

Several people are superstitious when watching their team play... Do you have any rituals that you partake in when watching the game?

Are you superstitious? - Black Urum - 04-20-2011

I used to be... I sat on the top of my chair and not on the chair...

Are you superstitious? - 3pointgod - 04-20-2011

I'm not superstitious, I just have to have my specific gear, which I don't consider superstitious, but I can see how some would. I also have to have a few wardrobe changes if things aren't going my way. Oh also, I'm a Packers fan and left my Cheesehead at a friends house after a Halloween party after it got lost during some drunken halloween "fun" with a ladyI had just met. Anyway the Packers really turned their season around after that so I kept my Cheesehead, no worries I have a spare, at said friends house where it will reside until I deem it necessary for my teams success.... So never mind I guess I am more superstitious than I thought.

Are you superstitious? - Scout200 - 04-20-2011

[quote name='Black Urum' timestamp='1303254283' post='30483']

I used to be... I sat on the top of my chair and not on the chair...