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Hello to all basketball fans - MJ #14 - 07-07-2011


My name is Mirko, from Serbia, the land of basketball(although people here try to represent it as tennis or football country Bag ). About to be 20 years of age. So, big basketball fan, used to play in a local club back in elementary and mid-level school, but now I play it just for fun. Currently learning electronics at University of Novi Sad.

My favorite player of all times is Dejan Bodiroga, although I was just barely old enough to see him play. Fav team is Partizan Belgrade, really admire them! With so little money available to them they manage to keep up with best European teams. Dule Vujosevic has done a great job there.

Other teams I like: Panatinaikos, Chicago Bulls, Phoenix Suns(missed quite a bit of last NBA season, been very busy Sad )...

OK, so I've probably bored you to death by now. C u around.

Hello to all basketball fans - stefans - 07-07-2011

Welcome on TB MJ #14 Wink

I'm glad to have more Serbians here.Enjoy Cool

Hello to all basketball fans - Black Urum - 07-07-2011

Welcome on board, always nice to have Serbs around.

Hello to all basketball fans - MaccabiTA - 07-07-2011

Welcome Mirko!

Hello to all basketball fans - Led00 - 07-08-2011

Dobrodosao! Wink

Hello to all basketball fans - TalkBasket - 07-14-2011

Welcome to TB Mirko! May I ask what does your username mean? The only MJ that comes to my mind is obviously Michael Jordan but #14 isn't his number Smile

Hello to all basketball fans - MJ #14 - 07-16-2011

MJ actually stands for my initials, and 14 is date of my birth and number I used to wear on my jersey when I was playing basketball.

No relation to Jordan whatsoever. Biggrin

Hello to all basketball fans - ZEUS - 07-31-2011


You guys are definitely a land of basketball. I wished people loved basketball in Greece more than suck-ass football which we always under-perform in anyway, whether on an international or club level.

Please post around as much as possible Wink