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NBA in Europe - Black Urum - 07-20-2011

Nets vs. Magic at O2 in March 2012?

NBA in Europe - stefans - 07-20-2011

It's funny..They don't know if will be NBA next season.But they release calendar and also this event Blink

NBA in Europe - skangles - 07-21-2011

I think that they intentionally put this game in March so that it could still occur if there is a prolonged lockout that gets resolved sometime before March.

NBA in Europe - TeoTheGreek13 - 07-21-2011

I don't see why they should program in Europe, games between two NBA teams. Thudown

What would be really interested is games between an NBA team and a European team. Thup

NBA in Europe - skangles - 07-23-2011

They used to do the NBA-Europe Live tour. It was pretty interesting the first time that they did it. I remember Barcelona beat the Iverson led Sixers back when Iverson and the Sixers were legit. The NBA followed that up by sending over their worst teams the next few seasons which pretty much killed off the NBA-Europe live deal.

NBA in Europe - Fivepack - 09-23-2011

The NBA should keep it's meathooks out of Europe. It's only there solely for it's own gluttonous benefit. Not that they probably haven't bought out or bribed FIBA yet!! They can take their ball games to that tiny non-basketball island country called England, and NO further. Agree