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French Basketball Talents - Kenneth23 - 11-05-2016

In this topic we'll discuss the next generation of French basketball talent.

First up this week: Alpha Kaba

Standing close to 6-foot-10 Kaba has nice size as a potentially combination forward. He’s definitely a late-developed player, his upper body is particularly strong and he has broad shoulders, which really give him a wide frame and a big advantage when playing in the paint.
Strong, physical developed big man, his perimeter game is a work in progress. He’s a good shooter off the catch who shoots the ball with proper balance and confidence. He possesses a quick release and does most of his work off the ball.
His potential seems like someone who could stretch defenses from the power forward position and add to the system with precise ball movement and shifty passing.
Kaba has a nice lateral quickness, can stay in front of guys when guarding out on the perimeter. He defends the low post well and really plays physical on the defensive end, trying to use his strength to his advantage. Shows good footwork and balance attacking the rim from the perimeter. Has nice touch when playing on the paint and has some post moves he uses very well to attack the rim.
His aggressiveness on the offensive end of the floor attacking the basket in the low post really gives him a big presence on the court and forces the opposing team to make decisions on how to guard him.

Kaba is playing for Mega Leks in Serbia where he's averaging 10 points per game and 6.7 rebounds per game in ABA league.
In Champions league he's averaging 14.3 points and 8.7 rebounds per game. He definitly has NBA potential and according to some mock draft he' expected to be picked late first round or at the beginning of the second round.

It's also a matter time before he'll make this debut for the French national team. He want to play a good season with Mega Leks, both in national league and Champions league before he makes his decision to declare for the draft.

Kaba has played for the youth of Pau Orthez, the team that has produced players like the Pietrus brothers, Boris Diaw, Ian Mahinmi etc.
Hopefully he'll live up to his potential and becomes the basketball player that scout project him to be become.

RE: French Basketball Talents - TalkBasket - 11-05-2016

Kenneth, great to see you back!

Despite not having the strongest league in Europe, France is constantly producing individually skilled players. Kaba plays in Serbia but he still got his initial skills at home.