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- bostonceltics - 03-17-2006

What is your favourite NBA team for me Boston Celtics though i like Phoenix and Heat aswell

- TalkBasket - 03-18-2006

I liked Kings, Blazers, Bulls in different times now I don't know which one is my favourite.

- bostonceltics - 03-18-2006

Bulls ruled the league in the 90s with rodman and jordan i think they had pippen too

- Al Bundy - 03-18-2006

I liked Bulls and Blazers too Smile now I like B.Celtic Biggrin because their shirts are like Zalgiris colors Biggrin

- bostonceltics - 03-18-2006

lol good reason

- matt - 03-19-2006

The Dallas Mavericks.

- bostonceltics - 03-19-2006

Ill give that to you Dirk rocks

- Heat - 03-19-2006

Im a Miami Heat fan

- Fee - 03-20-2006

Boston Celtics.

These have allways been my favourite.

- bostonceltics - 03-20-2006

this guys cool Thup

- Al Bundy - 03-20-2006

not only that the colors are the same Smile Boston is a great city diffrent from other american towns Biggrin second they got that irish gremlin on the logo Biggrin and there played one of my favorite players Dino Radja Smile

- bostonceltics - 03-20-2006

yah its a nice place

- ronaldinho - 03-24-2006

Cleveland Cavaliers,

Miami Heat,

Pheonix Suns

always have and probably always will.

- Ali - 03-25-2006

New York Knicks of course!!

- bostonceltics - 03-26-2006

same as one of friends ali whos your favourite player?

- qwas - 03-27-2006

My favourite is Boston Celtics. I like Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons also.

- Al Bundy - 03-28-2006

Knicks play well at the moment Biggrin Biggrin P.Ewning gone and we see the result Biggrin sad...

- - 08-03-2006

When I was younger I liked the Western conference teams, especially Lakers and Utah Jazz. Nowadays I like the Eastern conference more because they are more European in their lifestyle, but if I had to chose one team it'd be Clippers, though theyare in the West, because they started in San Diego (quite a poor reason, I know)

I pay attention to Toronto (Calderon and now Garbajosa are the reasons) and Memphis (Gasol)

- Burnsy17 - 09-01-2006

I also liked the lakers until they traded half their players and same with minnesota now i like cleveland Lebron James makes everything happen

- jankarl - 12-19-2006

I'm Washington Wizards big fan Wink