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Which NBA player are you? - Al Bundy - 08-15-2006 Blink

I'm Gilbert Arenas Huh intresting to see Vilius Smile

- TalkBasket - 08-15-2006

Very interesting Thup I got Dwayne Wade Smile and I am happy with this result Biggrin

- Al Bundy - 08-15-2006

fantastic Ohmy Wade..omg Blink awesome Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin

- bostonceltics - 10-29-2006

Andrei Krilenko.

Woop woop

Go me, well thats not bad. I'm quite pleased. Yeah i am

- Demoritus - 11-05-2006

Dirk Nowitzki Tongue

- gugliaminpietro - 11-05-2006

I'm Lamar Odom Dry

- Ali - 11-06-2006

Vince Carter o/

- Dave - 12-11-2006

Quote:I'm Lamar Odom Dry

Same here.

I hate the Lakers. Dry

- Marin - 12-18-2006

Ben Wallace ^^

- Saint Luke - 12-18-2006

I got Lamar Odom, quite a good player, pleased with this Smile

- jankarl - 12-19-2006

I'm Ray Allen Biggrin

- Aidan - 03-24-2007

I'm Dirk Nowitzki!

I suppose the MVP in waiting will do! Biggrin

- Unknown - 03-25-2007

Quote:Dirk Nowitzki Tongue

I wish i got him

im Yao Ming

- Black Urum - 03-27-2007

I'm Ray Allen.

- CalvG - 04-02-2007

im Lamar Odom which im very pleased with mainly cause he was great while playing for the heat. shame he went to LA

- Saint Luke - 01-02-2008

I've re-done mine, and managed to get Rasheed Wallace, I can't remember if my last was truthful or not! Laugh

- lakerboichris - 02-19-2008

lol I'm C-Web

Which NBA player are you? - MaccabiTA - 03-13-2010

Vince Carter Ohmy

Which NBA player are you? - straight forward - 03-14-2010

Steve Nash. Great Smile One of the most interesting players in the world.

I'm surprised though, I'm typical shooter with pretty good passing skills.

Which NBA player are you? - zoin - 03-23-2010

Dwight Howard but with a skill of PG lol... I like posting even though I'm not really tall as the same time I like doing cross over moves lol