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- GoSco - 02-11-2007

Hi there, found this forum, because of Vilius giving me the link

I like basketball, not that great at playing it, but I am tall and that helps. Hope to blay it a lot more.

I like the NBA but am hoping to get more educated on European Basketball

- TalkBasket - 02-11-2007

Hey, welcome to TalkBasket. Please stay and enjoy. Hopefully you'll like it here.

- GoSco - 02-11-2007

thanks, Vilius Happy

- CalvG - 02-12-2007

hey and welcome

- GoSco - 02-12-2007

Thanks Wink

- Dave - 02-13-2007

GoSco! o/

Glad to see you brought that hilarious bird avatar along with you! Laugh