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URZ41's stuff - URZ41 - 06-13-2007

My GFX stuff I've done in chrono order oldest first mainly football stuff hopefully will get some basketball ones in soon

[Image: compcopysk4.png]

[Image: reading2copyoz3.png]

[Image: manucopyws2.png]

[Image: blackburncopyeg3.png]

[Image: chelseacopygh9.png]

[Image: reading21copyos5.png]

[Image: bikeycopymi3.png]

[Image: klose21copytj1.png]

[Image: T0_-1_1770064.png]

[Image: johnsoncopybd9.png]

[Image: ashtoncopybd6.png]

[Image: jaaskilinaincopyjt6.png]

[Image: hargreavescopyuv9.png]

[Image: cannavarocopyyu6.jpg]

[Image: doylecopysl7.jpg]

[Image: barcelonacopyxp0.jpg]

[Image: untitled3gi4.jpg]

[Image: santars5.jpg]

[Image: marleycopy9sh.jpg]

[Image: villazi0.jpg]

[Image: villav2wq2.jpg]

[Image: villav3zp9.jpg]

[Image: riisezy6.jpg]

[Image: drogbaos1.jpg]

[Image: nakamuraps2.jpg]

[Image: jimihenrixyr1.jpg]

[Image: kennydalglishay1.jpg]

[Image: cronaldoxi0.jpg]

[Image: woodgatev2mv4.jpg]

[Image: litaandharperv2yx4.jpg]

[Image: ballackea8.jpg]

[Image: manulo0.jpg]

[Image: cattbg1.jpg]

[Image: torchwoodcopyec8.jpg]

[Image: 300jj7.jpg]

- NHutch - 03-31-2008

WOW, great collection, the few team onces are so NICE!

- x 1 IV 5 A IV3 - 04-05-2008

yea i agree but i really like your graphics

- Straight Faced - 04-13-2008

I absolutely love the Bob Marley