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Skin - Dave - 07-13-2007

Will this skin be the permanent one for TB, or will we be looking into getting a new template or something?

Skin - TalkBasket - 07-13-2007

We will have a custom skin added. It takes time to decide what colour scheme, font to use and get all the icons etc. So your suggestions are welcome Thup

Re: Skin - Dave - 07-13-2007

Ok awesome. I was gonna say that this one is a bit cramped and cluttered, but seeing as we're getting a new none of that matters.

I'd say maybe an orange themed skin, like the colour of the sterotypical basketball? Basketball

Skin - TalkBasket - 07-18-2007

A new skin called "Inspiration" was added. It is dark green and I quite like it. To see it change your skin in user control panel. Please post your comments. Maybe you see something that can be improved on the new skin?

Skin - TalkBasket - 03-06-2010

AS you can see we switched from the default forum skin to a new one called "Comfy". There are still some changes being made to it so please let us know what you like/dislike about the new skin and how it could be improved.

Skin - kobimel - 03-07-2010

I like it Vilius. Smooth layout, good colors.

Skin - Royal - 03-07-2010

nice skin!!! good goob vilius!!!!