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Maccabi 2007/08 - TalkBasket - 08-30-2007

This is the official discussion topic for Maccabi.

Here's the round-up of summer signings so far:

Players In:

Marcus Fizer (Murcia)

Vonteego Cummings (Partizan)

Terence Morris (Hapoel Migdal)

David Bluthenthal (Climamio)

Players Out:

Simas Jasaitis (TAU Ceramica)

Neven Spahija (Head Coach) -> TAU Ceramica

Oded Kattash (Head Coach) <- Galil Elyon

Can Maccabi bring their glory back?

Re: Maccabi 2007/08 - GuyOFK - 12-11-2007

Maccabi looks like crap with couple domestic league defeats. Maccabi looks bad. Cummings is not in shape, Fizer isn't adopting. Bluthantal is...Bluthantal .

the good things is Terence Moris and the knowing that Nikola and tal will be back in a few weeks to play.

after a defeat in Holon it is rumoured that Cummings and Fizer will leave the team and a new SF will be signed. rumoures do not say who. Katsh place is solid.

- TalkBasket - 01-01-2008

Oded Katash resigned as a head coach after some disappointing results. He will be replaced by Israel national team head coach and Maccabi GM Zvika Sherf.

I reall ysaw it coming despite Katash denying that he will leave the club. We'll if that will benefit Maccabi.

- rikhardur - 05-29-2008

Tough season for Maccabi... Championship final and the title goes to Holon (73-72), their first title. Maccabi hadn't lost a title since 1994.

Good thing is that the Israeli championship is more competitive. I hope it's not just this season, but for the upcoming ones. All leagues should have more than one or two strong teams (see ACCool for their basketball in general and players to develop at the highest level. Don't get me wrong Maccabi fans, but this might actually be more positive than negative. At some point walks in the park subtract basketball's magic.

And btw a real playoff finals would be more interesting imo.

- GuyOFK - 05-31-2008

The remains of an old empire are vanished. Nikola Vujcic is leaving Maccabi. all sides are sad.

- Konstantinos - 06-05-2008

Maccabi's new head-coach is Birenboim.. Last season he was at Hasharon..

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