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Winter... - ishtrewshelis - 01-05-2008

Is it cold and snowy in the place where you live? It was -14C today here. Believe me it's cold Fright but at least it's sunny so the weather gets warmer. I heared that in Romania it is below -20C these days.

- Luke - 01-06-2008

Bloody hell, we never get anything that bad around here.

We moan its cold when its 1 or 2 degrees, never mind -14 Laugh

- ishtrewshelis - 01-06-2008

Well it is getting "warmer" and today it was around -10. Usually we get a couple of really cold weeks during winter. Tomorrow it should be around 0.

- Luke - 01-07-2008

Can't say I have seen the words -10 and warmer in the same sentence before Biggrin

- bostonceltics - 01-18-2008

I can never ever complain about English weather again.

You have insane temperatures man.