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Life on Mars caught on photo? - TalkBasket - 01-24-2008

One photo from Mars caught everyones interest. Some say it's some kind of life form pictured. What do you think about it?

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 1.jpg]

- ShadowMonk - 01-24-2008

Where did this photo come from? If it was randomly found online it would most likely be a fake image. If it's recently been on the news then it would be rarther interesting to look more into it

- TalkBasket - 01-24-2008

Added a closer one. You may click on those photos to view the full size. Those photos were taken by NASA. It could be anything there like a rock or a shadow but there will always be people that would doubt and think that it could an alien.

- Black Urum - 01-24-2008

I don't think there is life on Mars.

- ShadowMonk - 01-24-2008

If you look closely it looks as though it's apart of the cliff that's bent up at the end.

If it really is an alien I bet he/she has a lonely life...They're on their own! Tongue

Well there's life here, so why not on other planets? There's always a possibility

- Al Bundy - 01-24-2008

it's bullshit not a pic of women, don't make laugh! it is not a fake it is just a strange form relief. Don't make scandal Thudown Be realistic why photo didn't captured that "women" on the move? Just sitting Tongue BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!

- Luke - 01-24-2008

Well if someone ever claims they are lonely I will send them that photo and say stop being dramatic, this is lonely my dear.

- bostonceltics - 01-25-2008

I'm open to the idea of 'other life.'

These pictures were in British news this week, so perhaps that ups their credibility. Also like Vilius said NASA took them.

So i guess this could very well be 'extra-terrerestial'( sp)

On the other hand, it could be a multitude of things. It really just come down to what you believe.

Personally, i believe there must be more to life in general, and while i won't say 'OMG THIS PHOTO IS L33T AND PROVES LIFE IS ON MARS.' I will admit it raises questions.

And maybe, just maybe. We may not be alone.

- ishtrewshelis - 01-27-2008

As most of you have already said it could be anything that picture. People see what they want to see Wink

- netridge - 04-05-2008

looks like a fake, looks more like the deserts in the U.S.

- TalkBasket - 04-05-2008

(04-05-2008, 07:18 PM)netridge Wrote: looks like a fake, looks more like the deserts in the U.S.

But that's what Mars surface looks like Smile

- Rivers7 - 04-08-2008

Nah, there is life in Mars I think, but not the way of life we think about...

This is probably a little "game" from the space camera and not an alien form of life, well thats what I think!

- rikhardur - 04-08-2008

It's just a rock or a shadow like thousands of rocks and shadows that seem to bear known forms. It's the same with clouds Cool

- kosteposte - 04-11-2008

yea,but still very interesting i think Smile