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Weird texts - ShadowMonk - 02-06-2008

I got a text from my mate earlier and it said

"Would you like to come to a charity pancake night tonight? The organisers have the pans and the ingredients...They just need a tosser"

Funny text =D Anybody else recieved strange texts like this before?

- Rivers7 - 02-07-2008

Yep I do, but not in these forums. I suppose you've deleted it... Ohmy

- TalkBasket - 02-07-2008

I don't think it happened on the forum. Was it SMS?

- ShadowMonk - 02-07-2008

Nope it was sent through my mobile phone Smile

Sent it on to other friends for the fun =P

- Luke - 02-08-2008

Laugh That is a good one.