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Is the NBA competition system unfair? - rikhardur - 03-24-2008

I think the issue was already discussed here, but I'm not sure. The thing is we come across players, some the best basketball ever produced, that never won anything in their lives (putting international competitions aside that is, and even not so there are plenty). Isn't this unfair?

Imo the competition system NBA established is unfair because only a minority of players will ever win a champiosnhip and the astronomical amount of games they have to play proves unglorious most of the times. Adding to that there are countless stars that never won anything and some crappy players with a couple of rings.

OK, you might say sports is not about fairness or unfairness, it's just the way it is. I'll agree. But the current competition system promotes unfairness in an outrageous way.

It's known that many leagues around the world have more than one competition, usually a Cup and sometimes a League Cup. The same club might win both or the three competitions, but chances for others to clinch them are also there.

That said, why not create something similar to a Cup within the NBA? Some of the games played during regular season could be transferred to that Cup. That would not only decrease the unfairness mentioned, but also relief the championship itself which we all know get's boring at some point with too many games. Some new enthusiasm would also, therefore, be created.

What's your opinion about this?

- Black Urum - 03-24-2008

If there is something wrong with NBA it's the conference system. Teams like Denver Nuggets who plays fantastic basketball will stay out of the play-offs because they are playing in the hard West Conference while teams with a lot less wins from the East Conference will be making the play-offs.

As for the good players with no titles you mentioned Rikh, it somewhat reminds me of National Teams football where players like Best, Cantona, Giggs never won anything significant with their National Teams, didn't even make it to a big international competition.

Oh well...