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Happy 2012 folks! - Black Urum - 01-01-2012

Happy 2012 guys. May it be better than 2011 and you get things you want done and aim even higher.

Just like TB is aiming. Thank you every one of you for making this place what it is.

Happy 2012 folks! - TeoTheGreek13 - 01-01-2012

Happy 2012 to evryone!!! Thup

Health and luck are, to me, the most important things in life, so, I wish everyone health, first of all, and luck!!! Cool

About TB, I wish we have more active members, because this forum, really deserves it. Thup

Happy 2012 folks! - MaccabiTA - 01-01-2012

Happy 2012 guys! have a great year!

Now let's just hope those Mayans were wrong Tongue

Happy 2012 folks! - stefans - 01-01-2012

Happy new year Wink Best wishes to all members Cool

Happy 2012 folks! - stefans - 01-01-2012

(01-01-2012, 02:16 PM)MaccabiTA Wrote: Now let's just hope those Mayans were wrong Tongue

Hahah Biggrin Nice Cool

We should believe in that Rofl3 Rofl3 Rofl3

Happy 2012 folks! - alen - 01-02-2012

Happy new year! I wish you all happiness, success and especially health. And of course a lot of great games and discusions of TalkBasket forum. Cool