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BBL 2008/2009 - rikhardur - 06-07-2008

Bamberg re-signed Robert Garrett for two seasons.

New signings - democritus - 07-18-2008

Alba Berlin: Adam Chubb (Artland Dragons), Steffen Hamann (Brose Baskets)

Artland Dragons: Thorsten Leibenath (Coach; Giessen), Zack Whiting (Leverkusen), Leo Niebuhr (Karlsruhe), Flavio Stückemann (Braunschweig), Darren Fenn (Brose Baskets)

BG74 Göttingen: Jason Miller (Jena), Robert Kulawick (Den Helder, NED), Peer Wente (Heidelberg), Roderick Trice (Cuxhaven), Moritz Wohlers (Scottish Rocks), Kyle Bailey (Ulm), Davor Lamesic (Traiskirchen), Chris Oliver (Kaiserslautern)

Brose Baskets: Chris Fleming (Coach, Artland Dragons), John Goldsberry (Artland Dragons), Jared Newson (Cairns, AUS)

Skyliners Frankfurt: Konrad Wysocki (Ulm), Lorenzo Gordon (Kepez, TÃœR), Daniel Russ (no club last season)

digibu Baskets Paderborn: Lavelle Felton (Jena), Steven Wright (Braunschweig), Bryant McAllister (München Basket), Spencer Tollackson (Minnesota University)

Düsseldorf Giants: Logan Kosmalski (Hermine Nantes, FRA), Pete Campbel (Butler University)

EWE Baskets Oldenburg: Je´Kel Foster (Paris, FRA), Marco Buljevic (Gießen)

Cologne 99ers: Danilo Smigic (Pardubice, CZE), Björn Schoo, Jeremy Hunt (Kaiserslautern)

Giessen 46ers: Simon Cote (Coach, Scout Denver Nuggets), Jannik Freese (Braunschweig)

ratiopharm Ulm: Per Günther (Hagen), Keith Triplett (CSU Sibiu, ROM), Michael Schröder (Göttingen), Lee Humphrey (Florida Gators, USA)

TBB Trier: Derek Raivio (Cologne), George Evans (Dexia Mons-Hainaut, BEL), Norman Richardson (Polonia Warschau, POL), Jamal Shuler (Virginia Commonwealth University), Tyrone Riley (SPEC Polonia Warschau, PL)

Telekom Baskets Bonn: Vincent Yarbrough (EnBW Ludwigsburg)

VPV Giants Nördlingen: Danny Gibson (Cuxhaven), Monta McGhee (Cuxhaven), Josef Eichler(Landsberg)

Tigers Tübingen: Daniel Fountain (NC-Wilmington), Mirko Anastasov (Oldenburg), Branislav Ratkovica (Oldenburg)

- rikhardur - 08-01-2008

Quote:[...] disturbing revelation from Germany national team star Ademola Okulaja that he had undergone a back operation and is concerned about a possible tumor.

Okulaja, whose health prevented him from playing for his country this summer, said in a statement: "The surgery went well and I am now in the middle of my rehab phase.

"The possible cause for the fracture of the vertebrae might have been a tumor.

“Further tests to clarify the exact nature of this disease are undergoing. But at this time, I will not play in the 2008-09 season."

Okulaja has been a vital player for Germany and Bauermann over the years.

"It is very brave to go public with this," Bauermann said on the [url=""][/url] website.

"We are all in great distress. [...]"


What terrible news... He was always a warrior on court, may he be one also in this awful situation.

- rikhardur - 11-29-2008

Giants Nördlingen vs Giessen 46ers online broadcast [url="http://http"]here[/url] now.

- TalkBasket - 01-03-2009

Å ar?nas Sakalauskas resigned from a head coach position at Eisbaren after losing 14 games in a row.

- AmareSTAT - 01-10-2009

^That is such a shame for Doctor Sakalauskas, I really don't know ow he brought the Eisbaren down that much, because the team has a lot of great players in my opinion. They are probably going to be in the second league next season, because they just won one game this season out of 16 or 17. Well, bad for Oldenburg too, because the Eisbaren are like the rivals of Oldenburg.

And wohoo, today is gonna be a huge game for Oldenburg: Alba Berlin versus EWE Baskets Oldenburg and I am going to be there!

- TalkBasket - 01-10-2009

Were there any rumours in Germany about where could Sakalauskas move next? He made a name for himself in Germany so I guess there are good chances that he might get a job there in another team. What do you think?

As for the second part of your post, Alba Berlin really impressed me this season in Euroleague. They have good chance to reach Top 16.

- AmareSTAT - 01-10-2009

I have not heard any rumors of where Sakalauskas could move next, but there is a chance that he ends up in Giessen, because they fired there coach, too. But I don't think that will happen, because that is just my opinion and idea.

Oh and yeah, Alba Berlin really impressed me too, they just won against Badalona with Ricky Rubio.

Vilius, do you actually follow some basketball games of the german league?

- TalkBasket - 01-10-2009

I don't have the possibility to follow German league on TV. Usually I read news about how Lithuanians are doing there on basketball news sites.

Could you update us with the standings and who are the favourites this season?

- AmareSTAT - 01-10-2009

Yeah, sure. I will.

Well the AllStar Game will be soon (17th of January I think) and as for now Goettingen, Alba Berlin, Telekom Baskets Bonn, Frankfurt Skyliners and the EWE Baskets Oldenburg are doing great this season: this is how the standings are so far:

1. Telekom Baskets Bonn 24:8

2. Alba Berlin 22:6

3. BG Goettingen 22:6

4. EWE Baskets Oldenburg 22:8

5. Frankfurt Skyliners 20:10

You get 2 points on the left side for a win or two points on the right side for a loss. As you guys can see it is very close at the top, reports say that this season every team o0f the league can beat any team. SO its the best season of the german league by far.

- TalkBasket - 01-10-2009

Thanks for the update mate <!-- s:thup: -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/thup.gif[/img]<!-- s:thup: --> It seems to be a very interesting season with such a close fight at the top of the table.

What is the format of German All Star day? Is Germans vs. Foreigners or East vs. West etc.?

And what about German teams in Euroleague? Is there 3-year contracts system which means that we will see Alba in EL next season even if they don't win BBL. Although the new EL format is still unknow so that might change from next season.

- AmareSTAT - 01-10-2009

Sorry, I can't tell you something about the Euroleague system, because I am not up to date with the EL...

Well, the German All Star Day is North Vs. South. They split germany into the north and the south teams and then the fans vote the starting line ups for both teams. The rest team members will be added by the all star coaches. And for the north: 2 players of Oldenburg are in the starting line up: Jason gardner and Rickey Paulding. And I guess there will be a lot of highlights then.

And yeah, even the sixth place is just one loss behind Frankfurt and the first 8 teams get into the playoffs. So it will be tough for the teams to be the first, because everything is sooo close.

And Goettingen: noone expected that they will be that good! This season is their best in the teams history, they just lost 3 games and they are just nasty this season (Watch a video on YouTube of Rod Trice, type in "Rod Trice: Alley Oop, Steal Double Clutch Reverse" Something like that, its just nasty!)

Yeah, so a big season so far with some nice upsets also, because Alba Berlin lost against pretty low-ranked teams, plus Oldenburg did the same thing.

And Also the german league has a former Harlem Globetrotter in a team, who will be at the All Star game too btw. Robert Turner is the man and he plays for Cologne.

And if you have any other questions, please ask them. I'd love to answer them.

- TalkBasket - 01-10-2009

This is becoming a very informative thread <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/thup.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':thup:' /> Thanks for your answers.

What do you think about current foreign players limit in BBL? We have a thread for that so please post your answer [url="http://http"]here[/url].

- Black Urum - 03-02-2009

via <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;">[url=""][/url]</a><!-- w -->

Quote:Oldenburg, actually in second position in German Bundesliga, signed a contract until the end of the season with American guard Jonathan Wallace who started the season in Slovenia with Olimpija Ljubljana.

Wallace, born in 1986, is a former player of Georgetown University with whom he reached NCAA Final Four.

"We were looking for a young player with great potential" said Oldenburg CEO Hermann Schüller. "He is an intelligent person and will enrich our club".

He will make his debut in the EuroChallenge game against Virtus Bologna.

BBL 2008/2009 - Black Urum - 06-08-2009


Quote:After being down 2-0 Alba Berlin fought back to win game 3 of the semifinal series with 65-39 (!) against Telekom Baskets Bonn. Series stand at 2-1 for Bonn now.

Casey Jacobsen and Julius Jenkins had 10 each for Alba while Brandon Bowman scored the 11 of the total 39 points of Telekom Baskets Bonn.

BBL 2008/2009 - Black Urum - 06-08-2009


Quote:EWE Baskets Oldenburg beat Brose Baskets 88-85 in game 3 in overtime and reach the final with a series score of 3-0. Regular game ended 79-79.

Je'kel Foster had 20 points for Oldenburg to be followed by Milan Majstorovic (17) and Jason Gardner (16). Predrag Suput scored 20 for Brose Baskets, Elton Brown 15 and Filiberto Rivera 12.

BBL 2008/2009 - Black Urum - 06-09-2009


Quote:After being down 2-0 in the series Alba win 2 games in a row to send the series to game 5 and regaining homecourt advantage.

The Albatroses beat Telekom Baskets 52-62 mostly on a 3rd quarter effort, and after being down by 5 at halftime, where they scored 23 points and received only 9. Last quarter was poor in scoring by both sides and so the series return to Berlin.

Julius Jenkins 14 points and Casey Jacobsen 12 for the winners while Brandon Bowman scored 13 and Earl Rowland 10 for the losing side.

BBL 2008/2009 - Black Urum - 06-12-2009


Quote:Infront of 14800, Alba Berlin paid for a bad 2nd quarter and said goodbye to the shot at the title this year, after losing to Telekom Baskets at home for the 2nd time in the series.

Telekom Baskets had an outstanding 2nd quarter (15-29) that gave them an 11-point lead at halftime which they would keep up untill the end of the game behind a great 3point percentage (10/17). Best player for the winners was Winsome Frazier with 23 and 5/7 3pointers. He was followed by John Bowler with 14, and Earl Rowland and Vincent Yarbrough who had 13. Alba was led by Rashad Wright and Adam Chubb with 14 and 13, to be followed by Blagota Sekulic with 11 and Aleksandar Nadjfeji with 10.

Bonn will face Oldenburg in the finals.

BBL 2008/2009 - TalkBasket - 06-13-2009

Is the quality of other teams increasing or is it that Alba didn't play to their best?

BBL 2008/2009 - suricata - 06-13-2009

I think it is rather that german bball is relied on too many americans. Irregularity comes with the territory. Robbe would know more