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Mateen Cleaves - Straight Faced - 08-07-2008

Honestly, I don't know what to call this thread.


I remember Mateen Cleaves, he was a very good college player for MSU back in 2000, and he lead the team to the title, but in the final quarter of the title game, he took a VERY hard foul that sprained his ankle, I mean it was brutal, later I'll go find a youtube clip. So anyways, everybody knew there was no chance he'd be able to come back to the game, but he came back with around two minutes left and played his heart out. MSU ended up winning by nine, and taking the title.

Cleaves was a great player, serious NBA potential, I think if he wouldn't have pushed himself to keep playing he'd probably be up there with Kobe and LeBron type play today.

He did get drafted, and played for a few teams, but he couldn't run nearly as fast, couldn't shoot to good or much because his ankle was so damaged.

- Straight Faced - 08-07-2008

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At 1:28 it's in slow mo.

- TalkBasket - 08-07-2008

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At 1:28 it's in slow mo.[/quote]

Ah that's very unfortunate.

He continues his career in Europe. Here are his last two teams.

2006-2007: Unics (Russia)

2007-2008: Panionios (Greece)

- Straight Faced - 08-07-2008

How has he done over there?

- TalkBasket - 08-07-2008

His stats aren't impressive.

2006-2007 5.3 points per game in ULEB Cup

That's all I could find.

- Straight Faced - 08-07-2008

Eh, that's not to good.