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The origin of Talkbasket... - Straight Faced - 08-25-2008

So aside from my own curiosity, I'm sure a few other members have been wondering how/why vilius started talkbasket? So vil, if you'd tell us that'd be great.

- TalkBasket - 08-25-2008

OK. Here's Talkbasket's prehistory Smile

I was running a successful website which was based on a computer game. Despite its success it didn't give me any interest lately. I spent 3 years on it before leaving.

Since I had website management experience it was no problem for me to create another site. My dream was to have a basketball website. Most of the members on my old site weren't interested in this sport at all. As I was playing computer games less and less I lost interest in the old site.

I'm Lithuanian so basketball is my favourite sport. I decide to create a forum in English language about basketball. It wasn't easy at first because I wanted European and international basketball to be discussed on it.

Many people are already posting on other forums so they are not interested in joining another one. Though there were some decent members. They encouraged me to continue working on the site.

It was around year when I was running two sites (TalkBasket and the other one). Eventually I decided that we should be a news site first of all. There are only a few website that cover European and international basketball in English.

So it was a good niche plus it was what I like. And here we are.

- Straight Faced - 08-25-2008


Yeah all the websites members here have been linking too I can't read because they're in other languages, same with the videos, so it was pretty cool that TB is in English.

- Kobester - 08-26-2008

nice story. Vil u r great admin and have created this great forum. 10x Smile i was looking long time for basketball forums but i didn't find. wow i found this one and i liked it.