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Make your pick! - Straight Faced - 10-04-2008

So with the preseason starting soon here in a few weeks, I think it's time we start making our championship picks. You can change you're pick up until the all star break, with a max of 3 changes.

I'm picking the Lakers as of now.

- 37squad - 10-05-2008

i got my money on the suns

- Straight Faced - 10-06-2008

The problem I see with the suns, is that I don't think their defense is strong enough to go all the way.

- Pikker - 10-08-2008

I think Utah is going to be even stronger in home then last year and they can pic up some wins from outside too so... JAZZ

- Kobester - 10-09-2008

Lakers all the way

- Black Urum - 11-16-2008

I think Lakers have what it takes this season and all the other teams look a bit rusty and tired.

- kobimel - 12-19-2008

The Celtics have been incredible so far and the Lakers haven't been too far behind, but I'm going with the Cavs this year. LeBron wants a title, and nobody in the league can seem to stop him.

- SRBuckey5266 - 01-11-2009

Lakers and Suns.

- BeatleManU - 01-15-2009

I think the Celtics and the Lakers will meet again in the Finals, but the Cavs will be tough to get by...

- Ziveeman - 01-16-2009

Lakers and Celtics again. Can we say another era of Lakers vs Celtics all over again? Biggrin I'm willing to bet so.

- casey_play - 02-13-2009

LA Lakers rises up among all in Western Conference but in Eastern it's either Boston or Cleveland..I'll go with Cleveland.. Smile Basketball

- the.powerhouse102 - 02-18-2009

Celtics Vs. Lakers Part II

The 3 defining factors of who wins the match up will be:

-Bynum. If he's back Boston will have a tough time inside.
-The Celtics' depth. This is where they might notice Posey's absence.
-Kobe. Will he all of a sudden turn back into first person shooter mode once the flashbacks of last year appear in front of his eyes?

Think I'll go with Boston, they are more balanced, and don't have the toughness question mark lurking over them like LA does. Plus they trust each other. I don't think Kobe will ever trust his team mates fully. Not while he's the Number one option on a team.