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Spanish players in the NBA - rikhardur - 11-03-2008

I was watching the game Blazers vs Suns and when I went to bed Rudy had 9 pts. He finished with 20 points in 23 minutes, but the Blazers lost.

- Kobester - 11-03-2008

what is this/these topc(s) for?

- rikhardur - 11-03-2008

[quote name='"Kobester":2berc18u']what is this/these topc(s) for?[/quote]

To know how foreign players are doing in the NBA and discuss the matter? <!-- sRolleyes -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/rolleyes.gif[/img]<!-- sRolleyes -->

- TalkBasket - 11-04-2008

Great night for Marc Gasol. He had 27 points and 16 rebounds as Grizzlies defeated Warriors 90:79.


- rikhardur - 11-05-2008

[url="http://http"]Marc's big night photos[/url]

Interestingly enough in Pau's fourth game in the NBA he also scored 27 points.

Quote:NBA – New Grizzlies’ Gasol makes his Marc against Warriors

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MEMPHIS (NBA) – The Memphis Grizzlies probably didn’t want to part with Pau Gasol last season when they traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s beginning to look as if the Grizzlies may have out-manoeuvred the Lakers, though, because in that deal they acquired the draft rights to Marc Gasol.

After agreeing to terms with the 23-year-old Spain international, Marc Gasol has paid big dividends with the latest coming in the form of 27 points and 16 rebounds in Memphis’ 90-79 win over the Golden State Warriors on Monday.

The ACB’s most valuable player last season with Akasvayu Girona, Gasol was nine of 11 from the field and also nine of 11 at the free throw line.

The seven-footer also made an impact on defense by swatting three shots.

"It's one of those games where you see huge potential," Memphis guard Kyle Lowry said.

"I don't think anybody knew how good he was. On the national team, he's a big banger. But he has everything in his game."

It was the Spain national team at the 2006 FIBA World Championship, in fact, where Marc Gasol got his opportunity.

Fran Vazquez had to withdraw from the squad because of a back injury and Gasol was added to the squad. He played important minutes off the bench and helped his country overcome the loss of his brother Pau to a foot injury in the semi-final victory over Argentina by contributing important minutes in the gold-medal triumph over Greece.

Marc Gasol has often cited that summer as the turning point in his career.

On Monday night against Golden State, Gasol had to battle Golden State’s Andris Biedrins of Latvia. He took put up big numbers – 16 points and an eye-popping 22 rebounds.

"Marc was just so solid inside," Griz coach Marc Iavaroni said, adding that the rookie "did a good job keeping his body on" the Latvia sensation Biedrins.

For his part, Gasol has had no problem with the physicality of the NBA.

The ACB is arguably the best domestic competition outside of the NBA and Gasol was a very physical player at Girona, a team he helped win the FIBA EuroCup in 2007.

"I can take it," Gasol said of the banging.

In other games, Argentina’s Andres Nocioni had 20 points and seven rebounds off the bench but it wasn’t enough for the Chicago Bulls in a 96-93 setback at Orlando. The Magic got a monster game from Team USA’s Olympic gold-medal winning center Dwight Howard. The Atlanta native poured in 22 points and grabbed 15 rebounds.

The Detroit Pistons won 101-83 at Charlotte, Philadelphia beat visiting Sacramento 125-91, Cleveland won 100-81 and Utah thumped the Los Angeles Clippers 89-73.


- rikhardur - 11-07-2008

[url="http://http"]Sergio's agent asks Portland for a trade[/url]

- rikhardur - 11-13-2008

Rudy's spinning dagger <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Biggrin' />


- rikhardur - 11-19-2008

Quote:Rudy's Big Adjustment

Rudy Fernandez can't stop moving around.

Channeling Rip Hamilton and Reggie Miller, Fernandez comes off screens as impressive as anyone in the league – past or present. He holds his wrist high after watching it fly and hasn't met a three-pointer he hasn't liked. And when the Portland Trail Blazers guard isn't slashing or shooting, Rudy is as unselfish as they come.

So where can this rookie turn to improve his overall game?

On defense if you ask Rudy.

"It's more physical. Everybody is strong. It's more difficult for me on defense but I try to be more aggressive," Fernandez told HOOPSWORLD.

"It's a big change for me. In Europe it's not too physical. It's a new experience for me."

While the Portland Trail Blazers have finally discovered some winning ways on the road – 3-1 on a current five-game roadie and 6-4 overall - Fernandez has certainly found a knack for taking a charge. It happened in the fourth quarter in Orlando. It happened in the second quarter in Miami. Now it's on Rudy to refine the rest of his defensive attributes, something head coach Nate McMillan believes comes only with a change in mindset.

Defense triggers the offense, not the other way around.

But for Rudy – as active as he is on offense – he's equally as "jumpy" on defense, which isn't always a good thing. McMillan says he's busy "hopping around." McMillan prefers he keep his feet on the ground. Easier said than done.

"That's just the way he plays. He played that way in Spain. It's a matter with these guys in the NBA to stand down," McMillan explained.

"If you are hopping around like that they will shoot or take up that space and attack you. Our saying is 'on the floor you do more'. He hops around a lot. He needs to slide. He basically tries to shadow you. Sometimes you have to go through screens."

There is no doubt Rudy has found his offense groove his first year in the league. Fernandez is currently averaging 13.6 points, 2.9 rebounds and 2 assists per game in 28.3 minutes and ranks second in the league in three-point field goals made (24). Defensively though, Fernandez still needs to learn some tricks of the trade – bumping a "big" as he comes through the lane or across the paint for so your teammate can get through for example.

"Those are things that he'll learn," McMillan added. "You pick it up and you get better. He's still learning the NBA game."

Every rookie has a learning curve. Many pundits however expect Rudy's curve to be more flat based on the experience he brings to the league after years in Spain and even the Olympics this past summer where he played against the best in the NBA. While his defense will mature as the season grows, the man himself is leaving his teammates in awe along the way.

"Rudy's a gamer. I think he's adapted well to the NBA," Brandon Roy said.

"I think he does a great job of keeping teams off balance. He's so active, not only on offense because he's coming off screens but on defense he's always bouncing."

The defense will come.

The Blazers are just glad Rudy is here.


- rikhardur - 12-31-2008

Calderón matched his assist career-high with 16 assists and added 21 points and 2 steals as the Raptors lose to the Warriors.

- rikhardur - 01-01-2009

All-around game for Calderón with 18 pts + 11 assists + 5 rebs, but the Raptors lose to the Nuggets.

- rikhardur - 01-03-2009



And he surpassed 10.000 points in that game.

- TalkBasket - 01-04-2009

Haha that was an impressive pass by Gasol <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Laugh' />

- straight forward - 01-04-2009

So, as I understand Rubio is considered as stronger player than Sergio if Rubio was in olympic team and Sergio wasn't? Or there was other reasons why Sergio didn't play?

- rikhardur - 01-04-2009

[quote name='"straight forward":1dkhfbsx']So, as I understand Rubio is considered as stronger player than Sergio if Rubio was in olympic team and Sergio wasn't? Or there was other reasons why Sergio didn't play?[/quote]

Sergio simply lacked the rhythm and shape a national teams needs. He barely played with the Blazers last season, so the logical choice would be Rubio.

- rikhardur - 01-21-2009

Rudy Fernández will take part in the 2009 NBA Dunk Contest, thus becoming the first European to make it.

- rikhardur - 01-24-2009

Quote:NBA rookie Marc Gasol knew it was going to be a tough season with the Memphis Grizzlies in terms of wins and losses, and so it's proving to be.

Voted the ACB's top player last season while starting at center for Akasvayu Girona, the Spain international signed a contract with the Grizzlies and has played big minutes for a very young Grizzlies squad that has been losing.

The team is mired in a seven-game losing streak that on Thursday cost coach Marc Iavaroni his job.

Other than losing games, the biggest difference for Gasol when comparing this season to last has been the number of games played in the NBA.

"It's true that it's much tougher to play this schedule," Gasol said.

"As a rookie, you hit a lot of walls. You're still trying to figure everything out when you're not winning many games.

"If you win more, you probably don't feel it at all."

In Spain, Gasol rarely played more than twice a week but on numerous occasions in North America, he is playing back-to-back contests.

Gasol has even played four games in five nights.


- rikhardur - 01-31-2009

Caderón's streak came to an end some minutes ago. He missed a second FT, it went slightly to the left and out... He's second in NBA history with 87 consecutive FTs.

- rikhardur - 03-06-2009

I think it's safe to say Marc Gasol had his best game in the NBA so far (vs Clippers):

20 pts (7/8 FG, 6/9 FT)

10 assists

8 rebs

3 steals

3 blocks


- rikhardur - 03-09-2009

Marc Gasol new career-high: 30 pts (11-15) + 13 rebs + 3 blocks as the Grizzlies lose to the 76ers.

- rikhardur - 03-11-2009

Quote:Rudy Appears Fine After Scare

Spain's Rudy Fernandez of the Portland Trail Blazers had a major injury scare on Monday night when he received a hard foul by the Los Angeles Lakers' Trevor Ariza.

The 23-year-old NBA rookie was soaring towards the basket on a fast break at the end of the third quarter in the midst of a Blazers' blowout win when Ariza attempted to block his shot and knocked him to the floor.

The FIBA Europe Young Player of the Year in 2006, Fernandez remained prone on the court for 10 minutes before being carted off while strapped to a stretcher, with his neck in a brace.

X-rays were negative, with the Blazers announcing that the Olympian had sustained a soft tissue injury to his upper right chest and side.

"It's hard to watch your teammate lying down, and bringing out a stretcher," Portland guard Brandon Roy said.

"That was a tough moment for all of us."

Thankfully, Fernandez appears to be okay. He is listed as questionable for Wednesday's game against Dallas.

Fernandez is one of Europe's most popular players.

He has played for Spain's senior team every summer since the 2004 Olympics in Athens, and last year he was a big hit for the Spanish at the Beijing Games where the European giants captured a silver medal.

Fernandez, who is hugely popular with Portland fans, was having an excellent game on Monday when Ariza committed the foul and was ejected from the game.

He had made all four of his shots, including both of his attempts from long range, and scored 11 points.

Portland won 111-94 over the Western Conference-leading Lakers (50-13) for the seventh consecutive time at the Rose Garden.

The Blazers (40-23) have now won 12 straight at home.