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Maccabi 2008/2009 - TalkBasket - Nov 23, 2008

5 Marcus Brown

6 Derrick SHarp

7 Carlos Arroyo

8 Lior Eliyahu

9 Yaniv Green

10 Tal Burstein

11 Chester Simmons

12 Jason Williams

13 Omri Caspi

14 Dror Hagag

15 Esteban Batista

21 D'or Fischer

33 Regev Fanan

Coach - Effi Birenboim

It looks like Birenboim is on his way out. Several coaches are being named as the next coach of Maccabi. Who is the best choice in your opinion? If Chester Simmons and Jason Williams leave the team, who should replace them? Discuss.

- telmac34 - Nov 23, 2008

I just read on the Maccabi Tel Aviv official fansite that Pini Gershon turned down the offer.... Drucker and Shamir are the main candidates

- TalkBasket - Nov 23, 2008

Any news about Mario Austin, Mire Chatman or Elton Brown? I think that the new coach should pick the players. The board shouldn't buy players before appointing the coach. Unless they are talking about possible signing during their negotiations.

- telmac34 - Nov 23, 2008

the only thing mentioned in the article was that if Pini were to become head coach, the team would have to do a complete overhaul. and I don't think they have the time and money for it

Maccabi Flattens Givat Shmuel, 81 – 61 - telmac34 - Nov 24, 2008

Source: Maccabi Tel Aviv Official Site

Quote:In the fifth round of Winner League play, Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv defeated Givat Shmuel 81 – 61. Arroyo had 19 points and 8 assists; Eliyahu scored 18 and pulled down 7 rebounds.

For complete Game Recap, [url="http://http"]Click Here[/url]

- kobimel - Nov 24, 2008

They signed Pini. I don't think he's that great a coach, and he'll probably want to bring in a lot of players while Maccabi will lose a lot of money as a result. Now we'll see whether the two Euroleague titles they won were thanks to Blatt and Parker/Saras/Baston or thanks to Pini.

- telmac34 - Nov 25, 2008

I just read on that... Drucker is his assistant

I think you're right Kobi, but only time will tell.

- telmac34 - Nov 25, 2008

Pini Returns to Tel Aviv for 3 Seasons

Quote:The man who led the club to three European championships will become Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv’s head coach starting Tuesday, November 25, 2008. He has signed for three seasons with the team, including this one


[url="http://http"]Jerusalem Post[/url]

[url="http://http"]Maccabi Tel Aviv Official Website[/url]


- telmac34 - Nov 30, 2008

Fizer has been brought back

White, Williams and Simmons seem like they're on their way out

Arroyo and Batista could be next, but doubtful

- TalkBasket - Nov 30, 2008

[quote name='telmac34' post='12917' date='Nov 30 2008, 08:33 PM']Fizer has been brought back

White, Williams and Simmons seem like they're on their way out

Arroyo and Batista could be next, but doubtful[/quote]

If that's true, then it sounds like a real revolution.

- kobimel - Nov 30, 2008

Fizer still has to rehab...his injury has been treated very poorly so far, mainly because he was without a team for a while. It's questionable how much of an impact he'll have after such a long time without play and after yet another serious injury.

Looks like Williams is definitely going but Maccabi will choose between Simmons and White.

There are rumors that Arroyo wants to return to the NBA

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But I doubt their credibility. EDIT: Just noticed that telmac already posted the rumor in another [url="http://http"]thread[/url]

Batista will probably stay at least until Fizer comes back.

- telmac34 - Dec 1, 2008

Maccabi is apparently looking into the Russia economic crisis issue, whereas it is affecting the players in that league.

this is a long shot, but could Delfino end up on Maccabi?

this idea could have triggered the rumor of Arroyo leaving

- TalkBasket - Dec 1, 2008

Speaking about crisis in Russia, DeJuan Collins was released from Lokomotiv Rostov. He had a great season in Zalgiris and he attracted interest of Maccabi last year. Maybe he had some offers this year and decided to leave Rostov?

- telmac34 - Dec 1, 2008

maybe... I personally haven't heard anything

- kobimel - Dec 2, 2008

So now Eddie Gill is up for grabs, huh?

He sucks, way below the level of play Maccabi are looking for. If they pick him up they'll be extremely disappointed.

- TalkBasket - Dec 2, 2008

The first official siging is Elton Brown.

- telmac34 - Dec 2, 2008


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- TalkBasket - Jan 1, 2009

It looks like Mire Chatman could be the next addition to Maccabi.

- TalkBasket - Mar 13, 2009

Maxur made some good posts in the Euroleague section about Maccabi and I thought we could continue discussions here. Should Maccabi keep Arroyo? Who should stay and who should go? These are the questions for the next season but I believe it's not too early to make some conclusions already.

- kobimel - Mar 14, 2009

Knowing Maccabi, they'll want to start from scratch with their foreign players again, but they have less money to do so this time around. They'll probably keep Arroyo since they invested so much money in him. They'll probably keep Fischer too, since he's relatively cheap and is a key part of this season's team. Marcus Brown will probably stay as a bench player. Sharp will stay. Casspi will stay unless he's picked in the 1st round of the draft. Even then he might stay for a season or two, especially with the NBA's financial crisis. Eliyahu's future is up to him; Maccabi can't offer him what Tau are. Hagag will probably be released since they just added Limonad. Green will probably stay as the backup center. Gaines will stay since Pini likes him a lot. Dee Brown will probably be released, as will Simmons. Did I miss anyone?