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Historical basketball video clips - Black Urum - 02-09-2009

This probably has been posted before but still worth watching over, just amazing.

Michael Jordan smashing the board in Italy.

- Black Urum - 02-09-2009

Robertas Javtokas duns over Sabonis to get an AND1 Blink

- Black Urum - 02-10-2009

USSR 80-81 Greece in the 1989 Eurobasket. Galis scored 45. Sabonis 19 (+18 rebounds). Enjoy.

Historical basketball videos - Black Urum - 06-20-2009

Everyone are welcome to post here some memorable, out of this world, team or individual basketball performances throughout the years.

I will start with one of my favourites.

Eurobasket 1989: Greece-USSR in the semis. Or Galis vs Sabonis! Both amazing.