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France wins Women Eurobasket 2009! - Black Urum - 06-22-2009

Quote:In a thrilling final game France overcame Russia to win Women Eurobaket 2009, 57-53, in a game that was decided in the final minutes.

Although Russia traveled to Latvia being the #1 favourites for the Gold medal they got upset by the French team. Being led by Sandrine Gruda, their starting star center the French finished the Eurobasket undefeated to win the Gold medal just for the second time in their history.

Although leading with up to 19 points during the second half, France relaxed and Russia made a final attempt for a come-back but they cold onl;y cut the difference down to four points.

The French National Team coach Vincent said:

"You always have a chance in any tournament. I knew if we played well in Latvia, we'd have an opportunity and we did."