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Block videos - TalkBasket - 02-03-2010

Blocking is one of my favourite parts of the game if it's done the right way lol. Post your favourite blocking videos in this thread. Here's a block by Chris Anderson against Rudy Fernandez which is probably my favourite block.

Block videos - chivanable - 02-07-2010

Lebron is a freak

Block videos - TalkBasket - 03-13-2010

Block videos - MaccabiTA - 03-13-2010

I think one of the things humiliat your opponent the most is blocking (the other is dunking hard) and luckily, my team is the best blocking team in the EL Tongue with Lasme and D'or it's ine big blocking show

Block videos - Forwardsuper - 04-29-2010

Here's a video of a cool block from the playoffs


I'm here of the behalf of to let you know that has many amazing videos and you won't find a better source of press conferences as well as game making clips.

RE: Block videos - TalkBasket - 11-23-2016

Block of the year?