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Full Version: Great Britain NT 2011
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[quote name='Rob Scott' timestamp='1307574052' post='31492']

Two things I would worry about are playing against zone (but Ben Gordon would help massively with that) and perimeter defense - I would expect Luol Deng to be given the opposition's best 2, 3 or 4 to guard, maybe even some time on 1s at the end of games (he ended up having to check McCalebb in the home qualifier against MKD because literally nobody else on the team could stay with him)

As I said, I think fans are realistic about GB chances, but quietly confident at the same time.


I think the same way. I believe Deng to be an elite level defender. His defense on Lebron James and Dwayne Wade was amazing during the playoffs this year.
Oh, absolutely. He should have been NBA first team all-defense this year. He played 40 minutes a game, every game, for the NBA's best defensive team (in terms of points allowed per 100 possessions) and mostly guarded the opposition's best player. As long as he isn't fatigued from such a long and grinding season, his defense could be what pushes GB over the top.

oh and thank you to Sagenas for the welcome!
oh and about Archibald, he didn't play in the qualifiers last year, but has made all the right noises about returning. see this article on MVP247

[url=""]Deng's insurance is sorted. Gordon waits[/url]

[url=""]Ben Gordon is unlikely to play for GB at Eurobasket[/url]

[url=""]EuroBasket Blog: The future's bright, the future's GB[/url]

GB had a good game today.
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