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Full Version: Three on three basketball to be added to Olympic Games
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Quote:Three-on-three, which is played over three periods on half a court with one hoop, will make its debut at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in August.

"It's not an alternative but it's an add-on and we will have it at the Olympics in 2020/2024," the International Basketball Federation's (FIBA) Patrick Baumann said.

"Three on three will develop. The Youth Olympic Games is the first step then we will have probably have a World Cup and Masters series starting in two years then you create a generation of professional players."

FIBA hopes the format will appeal to those who play the sport for fun.

"It's a product that the kids and the youth play out there for their pleasure and which hasn't really been part of anything," said Baumann who added that three times as many people played basketball as soccer.

"It's a free game, you go when you want, you play with who you want...and it's already out there. What it is not, it's not part of a worldwide community of three-on-three basketball players. That's where I think we have an amazing opportunity to just create a tsunami of basketball players."

It seems that in Olympics going to be many different sports but in my opinion that isn't very good. Now olympics becomes like a mix of sports for all countries. :/
Well that sounds stupid. if they add 3 on 3 bball then why not adding 5 on 5 football, javelin throw with shorter javelin, 50 m run and shit like that. since when does taking a game and changing it a bit creates a whole new olympic sport?
Exactly. What's the point of having two different basketball events in Olympic Games? As if there aren't enough medals to be given already. I don't expect 3 on 3 basketball to draw much attention though. All those 3 on 3 street ball tournaments might become more important now as they could be used as a qualification.

The next step will be slamball Dry Thudown
It is a shame that some milenia old sports like Karate still don't have their spot among the Ol games.

If OG turns into a show rather then the most holy shit in sport, i will kill every fucking man that r in charge!
What a pile of sh*t.

The Olympics were originally intended for classical sports events ONLY.

The Olympics committee made up of foreigners have f*cked up the organization past recognition Huh Rolleyes Mellow Blink Thudown
I just can't stand the thought of what sports there already r... Some r just way too stupid to be Olympic sports...
First of all, the Olympics were about solo sports, not team sports of ANY kind... Rolleyes
Well, yeah, but I think team sports are very interesting for many countries, people pay many attention at them so it's not bad, but basketball 3x3 and other stuff...Fiba and other guys are just stupid...
It's all done because of f'in money Angry Thudown Mellow

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Three on Three is really stupid but it always drives me nuts how so much attention in the olympics is placed on Medal count and then you have sports like Swimming and Running where the top athletes (i.e. Phelps and Bolt) can win several medals for doing the same thing just slightly different yet teams who win Gold in basketball get one medal added to the total. That doesn't seem balanced to me.

For entertainment purposes they could give out medals for typical All Star activities like a 3-point shootout or a dunk contest. This too would be pretty daft but I would definitely watch. Can you imagine a dunk contest if there was a Gold Medal on the line? As ridiculous as it sounds, the parallels between a dunk contest and Figure Skating, which is an olympic event, are pretty striking: they are both subjective athletic events based on style and creativity.

By the way if a dunk contest were an olympic event, there could be a pretty insane US vs. France battle:



Toss in a couple of pro's who think they have what it takes to win something that actually matters and while making the olympics a bit tacky I bet the dunk contest would be one of the most watched events of the summer.
I like the 3 on 3 tourney idea. I'm not sure how successful it will be but I think basketball needs more exposure. 3 on 3 basketball is no less quality sport than many of the sports in the adult OG. I'd rather watch 3 on 3 than say curling. There prestigious and sports such as Tennis that have what some may consider gimmick or less competitive competitions. Tennis doubles competition is such. IMHO I believe 3 on 3 competition would be Fun for youth and interesting to watch. I'd like to add that more basketballs being dribbled, shot and dunked in an international competition is a great thing. Oh and Skangles yeah a dunk contest would be more exciting to me than a ribbon/dancing event.
It's makes me laugh, how the gluttonous money guzzling piggish IOC has made a mockery out of the Olympic games. Three on Three basketball is blatantly degrading the Olympic ideal once again, just like mountain biking, and another twenty or so meaningless sports events I can think of. It has surpassed ridiculous, so I won't even bother expanding on this. Therefore in my humble opinion, it's a colossal NO for Three on Three!!

To be frank and pragmatic though, these games should be referred to as the 'World Professional Sports Games,' period! Not 'Olympic' a name stolen from a town called Olympia in the Peloponnese located in Southern Greece. The Greeks need to reclaim that name, and the town of Olympia take it to an international court and repossess what is rightfully theirs, and ultimately stamp a Trademark on it. Moreover, reclaiming the games permanently, abolishing professionalism, and introducing amateurism once again. But our stupidity got the better of us, and now it's too little too late!! Crazy

Obviously we Greeks are plain and simple gutless wonders with no spine and no pride, that let the whole world trample all over us like shit in a bucket. We deserve what we get, thus our disposition will never evolve. I dare to think our ancestors will be rolling in their graves.

The IOC is just another corrupt organization that has disrespected the true ideals of the Olympic spirit and focused on the almighty dollar. My conclusion: F*ck you IOC and your corrupt dealings and degraded games.

Cheers!!!! Baby
^ Easier however would be to create new games in Greece, classic athleticism in all the original areas of Greece that the Olympics took part in thousands of years ago, but instead of calling them Olympics, they could call them 'Titan games' or something along those lines. The 'Titania' during the time of ancient Greece were games just like the Olympics, it wasn't lesser than the Olympics and the winner in any sport was christened a 'Titan'. Greece could generate huge tourism by doing this at a time not to coincide with any other major event. I think all big athletes would be falling over themselves to take part in something like that Thup
Interesting concept.. but I doubt it will ever take off, because as you said once upon a time, backwards is forwards, and forwards is backwards in Hellas..

Other hypothetical titles could be:

'Games of Titans' or

'The Titans of Olympia Games' or

'World Titan Games'

A few variants, but I'm sure we can rustle up a few more titles. A dream, but who ever said we can't dream!! Cool
That will happen when sport stops being commercial so much and turn into SPORT FOR SPORT once again...
Quote:Interesting concept.. but I doubt it will ever take off, because as you said once upon a time, backwards is forwards, and forwards is backwards in Hellas..

Other hypothetical titles could be:

'Games of Titans' or

'The Titans of Olympia Games' or

'World Titan Games'

A few variants, but I'm sure we can rustle up a few more titles. A dream, but who ever said we can't dream!! Cool

You get what I mean tho. The possibilities and the 'rights' are there, due to history. I don't think any Greek politician however has the necessary drive to achieve this Huh
And I think it is not the wright moment for sport projects in Greece, what do you think?
Quote:And I think it is not the wright moment for sport projects in Greece, what do you think?

All we can do now is look at our young guns and work with them. It's free, you know! Cool

In basketball we have very very good talent at all ages.
Of course, but that is the main problem here in Serbia. If we had better conditions for the young ones, we would keep the good results for every competition. What is the situatuon in Greece?

Sry for the offtopic.