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Full Version: Internet memes
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Post your favourite internet memes.

This one has been wild in the past few days.

[Image: sadkeanu.jpg]

[Image: bluecollarkeanu.jpg]

[Image: keanucats.jpg]

[Image: keanumilitary.jpg]

[Image: 5xax.jpg]

[Image: pef.png]

[Image: yxh.png]
that's a good one. but my fav is pedobear defo.

[Image: pedobear_pipe.jpg]
Some days ago an attempted rape took place in some projects in the USA... this is the original video of the news

Then some genius made this:

OMG hilarious! Rofl3 Crazy
^ That one's a bit old, like at least 1.5-2 months ago.

I've seen internet memes before but I never actually looked carefully to see where they were kept online. That Keanu Reves one is a good laff Smile
Original video (it's real, believe it or not) Blink

And then we got the remixes...




The latest episode of South Park is brilliant and all about internet meme including Taylor Swifting...[Image: Picture-14.jpg]
Just go to and you'll be going through non-stop churned new memes on an almost hourly basis Thup
[Image: I-am-not-saying.jpg]