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Full Version: 2010/11 EuroCup & EuroChallenge Signings and Rumours
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New season, new thread.

Via [url=""]TalkBasket[/url]

Quote:Valencia's first addition: Dusko Savanovic

Power Electronics Valencia have announced their first summer transfer by adding 26 year old Serb forward Dusko Savanovic who had a great season with Cajasol scoring 14.2 point per game in ACB.

The deal is expected to be sealed officially in the next few days, after the played successfully passes his medical tests, a standard procedure.

The Belgrade-born player played for UNICS Kazan for two seasons before making the jump to Cajasol and ACB last summer, while before that he had won an Adriatic league title playing for FMP Zeleznik.
[url=""]Besiktas offered a contract to Iverson![/url]
Aris wants Jasikevicius.
After the serious injury of Verginis (out for 6 months), Aris wants to bring Sloukas from Olympiacos. PAOK is also interested the player.
Turk Telekom agreed sani becirovic and also graffney from boston celtics
Aris will announce the loan of Kostas Sloukas from Olympiacos soon.
Turk Telekom also interests with simas Jasaitis (signed gregory stiemsma)
Could Besiktas sign Allen Iverson AND Qintel Woods?
[quote name='Black Urum' timestamp='1288260056' post='25887']

Could Besiktas sign Allen Iverson AND Qintel Woods?


Soon Besiktas will be dream team. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Biggrin' />
Dream team for American players who want inflated stats and nightmare team for the coach and the fans?
[url=""]Krasnye Krylia tab Qyntel Woods[/url]
Siauliai want Mario Delas.

[url=""]Besiktas interested in Zoran Erceg.[/url]
[url=""]Bobby Brown now an Aris player[/url]
Panellinios is trying to sign Pape Sow and also is interested in Igor Milosevic if he can work a buyout with Rytas.
Can Mario Delas play for Siauliai? Or does he have to wait till the next round?
He has already played for them in Round 4...
Panellinios is interested in Andreas Glyniadakis if he can work out a buyout with Olympiacos.
Panellinios is about to sign Torin Francis.
Panellinios wants to sign Giorgos Diamantopoulos.
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