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Full Version: Burgas, Bulgaria
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Me and a couple of friends are flying to Burgas in Bulgaria in few weeks. Since we have a lot of European and well-traveled members here, I was wondering whether anyone had any information about Burgas? Things to do there, food, stuff like that...
Weird choice... but check this out...
Thanks! Any other place you would recommend for a bunch of 18 years olds looking for a lot of clubbing and a beach? Obviously it has to be decently priced...
If I was 18 and stupid (which I was) I would go to Ayia Napa (which I went).

Lots of clubbing and beaches. Also one of the few countries Israeli-friendly at the moment Wink

EDIT: You must visit Berlin (if you haven't so far). You can book a hostel for cheaper accommodation (or register @ )... you will be spending most hours outside anyway... drinks are way cheaper than any other EU capital and the city is amazing. Its club scene is world famous. village is in border varna-bourgas.Bourgas is very beatiful. Obzor,nesebar,slavchen brjag very beatiful places. they have good beaches. if you go to burgas,you should see Varna ! in obzor there are beatiful seaside restaurants. Beer is popular.If you want to know more i can help.How old are you?
BU: we decided against Ayia Napa BECAUSE its full of Israelis Crazy and we kinda want to get away. Berlin will probably be part of the Eurotrip I'll go on after the army.

Efes: We're a bunch of 18 year olds. Any help would be appreciated!
have a good trip !
I could only help with berlin Unsure
You can find some of the best travelling advice from Lonely Planet country guides. You can't believe the detail that they go into about EVERYTHING you can possibly do (you can tailor this according to your budget as well!) as a visiting tourist to any place. If you don't want to buy the books I am sure you could find them online as ebooks, but I have no idea how up to date the versions would actually be. Good luck! Smile