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Full Version: Dancing thread
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Where are the woman?? I like this video its funny. They have their own style. The music sounds like Latin house with some 90's hip hop. Is this how you dance Black? Biggrin
Damn I wish I knew how to dance good like that... but I suck Sad
This guy is AWESOME! Biggrin
Quote:A moonwalking Romanian politician has been ordered by leaders of his political party to tone down his antics. Edmond Talmacean, a 40-year-old Bucharest-based politician, has inspired national headlines with his Michael Jackson-inspired moonwalk on a television show and his impersonations of the late dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. His impersonation of a well-known sports commentator during a serious political debate also stunned other lawmakers into silence.

Thup Respect
One of my favorite Pulp Fiction scenes!!! Wink Thup

...she's good!! Crazy Bag

I've actually started learning Greek traditional dances, just keeping the whole Greek-community-vibe-abroad-thing going Crazy Rofl3
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