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Full Version: 1/8 Final: Serbia vs Croatia
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Serbia vs Croatia

What a game! Definitely not to be missed, would be great if we saw a couple of fight as well :p

I think Serbia is at least one class above Croatia at the moment, so I vote for the Serbs.
Serbia has Teodisič and that's the jey of the game, IMO. This guy can shoot, can pass, can do things by his own and he's not just PG, he's smart and he's a pillar. Croatia is lacking such player badly. Serbia's frontline is tougher as well. I do like young and promising Croatia's roster, but they need very good game to overcome Serbia.
Serbia should take the win without too much trouble.
Serbian built form for this games.Croatians go back home.. Rolleyes
Yeah I too would give the advantage to the Serbians. Croatia hasn't come down with a threatening team for years on end. Unless some kind of Catholic/Orthodox pride thing becomes a factor in the game, Serbia should have it quite easy.
What a game!

Kus is a moron.
Watched this game on a channel which isn't showing commercials during the time-outs and was pissed off listening to the arena announcer never shutting up with hi "come Croatia and Serbia raise your hands!". Wtf?
Lol, the Croatians really had their chances multiple times, but they didn't keep their lead wisely. I think their inexperience paid off badly for them.