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Full Version: 1/8 Final: Slovenia vs Australia
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[size="5"]Slovenia vs Australia[/size]

Two of the most liked teams of the tournament. Will be behind Slovenia in this one, can they do the extra step this eyar or will they choke again?
Australia is a strong team. Slovenia is lacking some very important players, specially Lorbek. 50/50, IMO.
It should be a good game to watch. It's hard to pick the winner but I'd say Slovenia.
Both teams are good and can be surprise, but I believe in Australia, they're good team playing very well.
Slovenia destroyed Australia.
A mini video on my blog:

I will add some photos on this topic tomorrow..
My amateur photos of the match. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/crazy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Crazy' />

[Image: dscn1753w.jpg]

[Image: dscn1757r.jpg]

[Image: dscn1762u.jpg]

[Image: dscn1763h.jpg]

[Image: dscn1768.jpg]

[Image: dscn1769.jpg]

[Image: dscn1771y.jpg]

[Image: dscn1773k.jpg]

[Image: dscn1774z.jpg]

[Image: dscn1776p.jpg]
Nice job. You were lucky to attend such a tournament.

PS: Next time take your time and be patient, hold the camera still for as much as it needs till the picture clears.
Amazing pics! I'm so jealous.