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Full Version: This day in History
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Let's use this thread to post anniversaries on events that shook the world.
October 6th: 10 years ago today - the storming of the Yugoslav parliament and the end of Milosevic's rule.

October 13th: 38 years ago today - Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashes in the Andes carrying 45 passengers. The 16 survivors eat the dead passengers to live. No one is looking after them as they are presumed dead, having crushed in Andes.

April 12th, 1961: 50 years ago today - Yuri Gagarin first man who reached the space!

24/11/2011: One of Rock N Roll's most important figures, Freddie Mercury, died of AIDS. Sad

One of the greatest frontmans ever.

He had it all. He was a great entertainer, he was putting on a show in every concert, he had an AMAZING voice and he was a hell of a musician!!


One of the best musician ever to walk this planet. Too bad he died before he could grant us few Symphonies!