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Full Version: Euroleague Rising Star?
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The Rising Star Award is given to player 22 or younger. Couldn't fit everyone in.
All these mentioned are really available? Well if so, I would say it's between these players:

Vesely, Bogdanovic, Gecevicius, Rubio

On other hand, the award usually goes for the player that is playing for the best teams. IMO, it's wrong. That's about individual performance.
Not exactly familiar with the exact age limitation, I just wrote up some young players.

Anyway, for now it's definitely Bogdanovic.
I was intensely impressed with Vesely, especially where he's from where his country doesn't even play premiership level international basketball Rofl3

Still, his height for his position is going to create a mismatch that possibly no player will be able to cover, put a center on him, he'll slice 'em and dice 'em with his speed, put a guard on him, and he'll muscle out each guard under the basket just using his size. I hope the lad really does well in the upcoming years Smile
If he starts shooting some free throws a little better and his 3pts, he will definitely be a main favorite for rising star!
In my eyes Bojan Bogdanovic will be the Euroleague Rising Star. He is playing great. He's a very good player and he will have a great future in Europe and in the NBA( if he wants to go there).
Leon Radosevic has been great.

Tibor Pleiss has been playing so well lately, but his supporting act is so poor...