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Full Version: Top 10 'Last Dance' seasons in Celtics history
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The 10 Best  “Last Dance” seasons in Celtics history, according to A. Sherrod Blakely of NBC Sports:

10. 2013-14 (Brad Stevens’ first season as NBA head coach).
9. 1956-57 (Franchise’s First NBA title).
8. 1973-74 (Tommy Heinsohn’s first title as head coach).
7. 2010-11 (Long on talent and comedy, comes up short in winning games).
6. 2000-01 (Pitino “walks through that door” one last time).
5. 1980-81 (Larry Bird’s First NBA title).
4. 2019-20 (Kemba arrives, Tatum emerges; COVID-19 pandemic postpones season).
3. 2007-08 (Big Three wins Banner 17).
2. 1985-86 (Greatest Celtics team ever?).
1. 2018-19 (Kyrie Irving, Al Horford’s last season).