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Full Version: Iverson leaving Turkey???
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Iverson link

Where would he go?
He said he is not going anywhere, via his twitter...
I don't believe even Allen Iverson believes what he will do next. If someone told me that in 2 years he will be playing for the Harlem Globe Trotters I'd believe it. LOL

-Raze "The Wolf" Lupin
Besiktas seriously want to destroy the team. AI could have a familiar teammate next season.
That is "marketing move" to attract some sponsors and fans. Cool
The right question is: WHY IVERSON WENT TO BESIKTAS? Mellow
The real answer is: "Who cares"? Rofl3
Quote:The real answer is: "Who cares"? Rofl3

"NBA cares" ...if you know what I mean!!! rofl3: Agree Agree