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Full Version: Balkan League
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Well I noticed there isn't anything about the Balkan League, so I decided to start a thread... and I hope that I will keep your interest with it! Smile

The EUROHOLD Balkan League was started in the 2008/09 season, an we are already halfway through the third edition of the League. This year there are teams from Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. The past two winners were Bulgarian clubs - Rilski Sportist in 2009 and Levski in 2010. It looks like that Levski is the main contender for the title again this year but that's because they have a lot of foreigners on the team. However the league's goal is to make Balkan basketball popular and to develop young players. In some of the teams there are some really interesting and talented players, especially from the ones from ex Yugoslavia - OKK Beograd (Serbia), Mornar Bar (Montenegro), KK Brod-Svjetlost (Croatia), HKK Zrinjski (Bosnia). There are also teams who mix talent with foreign experience such as Feni (Macedonia), Mures (Romania) and etc. If you wanna know more just ask.
It could be nice if you would update us with game results every once in a while and if you watch some of the games write your impressions from the game.
Sure thing... here are a couple of vids from the begining of the season.... I will try and upload more sometime soon
Some nice highlights, I really liked the 360 in the second vid
There was a really dramatic game last night BC Rilski Sportist - BC Mures (85:83). Mures were losing by 11 before the fourth and managed to lead the game after an amazing basket with 2.8 to go (for 82:83), but after that Rilski took a time out and after inbounding the ball scored a three with the buzzer to win it. I will try to upload the last minutes on youtube tonight.